Undergraduate Co-operative Education
Work terms are an integral component of Co-operative Education Programs, students are employed for a number of work terms and these work terms are arranged and evaluated by the individual departments. Co-op program coordinators must review all potential Co-op positions and evaluate their suitability for work term credit. Coordinators may determine some positions as unsuitable.
Work terms, normally of four months’ duration, begin in January, May, and September. Normally, the expected number of weeks per work term is 15 and the expected number of hours per week is 35. The minimum number of weeks per work term is 12 and/or 420 hours. Work terms generally alternate with full-time academic terms on campus, and provide productive and paid, full-time work experience that is related to the student’s program of studies and individual interests. In special circumstances, approval may be granted for a work term to be undertaken on a more flexible schedule, as long as it does not exceed eight months and the total time worked is equivalent to a four-month term of full-time work. Students are expected to end their program on an academic term.