PAAS 432

Directed Readings in Japanese

Units: 1.5 or 3.0

Formerly: JAPA 480

Designed for advanced students prepared to read extensively in Japanese. Readings will be assigned by the instructor in consultation with the participating students.


  • Credit will be granted for only one of PAAS 432, JAPA 480 (if taken in the same topic).
  • May be taken more than once for credit in different topics with permission of the department.


  • Academic Writing Requirement satisfied.

Pre- or Co-requisites:

  • One of PAAS 331 with a minimum grade of A-, PAAS 332 with a minimum grade of A-, PAAS 341 with a minimum grade of A-, PAAS 342 with a minimum grade of A-, JAPA 312 with a minimum grade of A-, JAPA 313 with a minimum grade of A-; or permission of the department.

Undergraduate course in Pacific and Asian Studies offered by the Department of Pacific and Asian Studies in the Faculty of Humanities.

Summer 2019 Fall 2019 Spring 2020

Summer timetable available: February 15. Fall and Spring timetables available: May 15.

Before these dates the class schedule will show "No classes were found that meet your search criteria". If this message is shown after these dates, the course is not scheduled for the selected term.