Faculty of Education : 16.0 Bachelor of Education Post-Degree Professional Program (Middle Years)
16.2.1 Academic Admission Requirements
The academic requirements for admission to this program are:
Approved courses include ENGL 135, 146, 147. At least 1.5 units of literature must be included. Teacher Certification regulations do not allow us to accept creative writing, journalism or technical writing courses. The faculty requires students to demonstrate competency in written English. For full information, see 13.1 Written English Competency Requirement.
Acceptable courses include MATH 100 or 102, 101, 151, 161, 162. MATH 161 and 162 are recommended. A C+ average is required to demonstrate competency in mathematics.
Acceptable courses include ASTR 101, 102, BIOL 184, 186, EOS 110, 120, one of EPHE 141 or 241, GEOG 103 and PHYS 102. EOS 120 is recommended as it includes a lab designed for prospective teachers. GEOG 103 is not open to students with credit in any of GEOG 110, 120, EOS 110, 120 if taken prior to May 2011.
16.2.2 Experience Admission Requirements
16.2.3 Application and Document Submission Deadlines
16.2.4 Conditional Offers of Admission
This full-time program is designed to be taken over 16 consecutive months: normally September to December; January to May; July and August; and September to December.
ED-D 301 Learners and Learning Environments
ED-D 420 Learning Support: Context & Key Issues
EDCI 360 Field Experience Seminar (Elementary or Middle Years Post Degree)
ED-P 361 Six-Week Practicum (Elementary or Middle Year Post Degree)
EDCI 302 Literacy and Language in the Elementary or Middle School
EDCI 305A Drama Education: A Medium for Learning I or
307A Art in the Elementary or Middle Classroom 
EDCI 336 Technology Innovation in Education
EDCI 402 Reading: Instructional Principles and Strategies
EDCI 403 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary or Middle School Science
EDCI 404 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary or Middle School Social Studies
EDCI 405 Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary or Middle School Mathematics
EPHE 312 Overview of Elementary or Middle School Physical Education
ED-D 407 Evaluating and Reporting Student Progress
ED-D 410 Teacher as Leader: The Professional Role
IED 373 EL TELNIWT and Indigenous Education
ED-P 461 Nine-Week Practicum (Elementary or Middle Years Post Degree)
EDCI 303 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Canadian Education