Faculty of Education : 19.0 Teacher Education Program Regulations
Concerns about a student's suitability for the profession should be brought to the attention of the chair and/or the manager of teacher education. The chair and/or manager shall review the information and, if warranted, make a recommendation to the associate dean of undergraduate programs that the student be required to withdraw from the Faculty of Education.
The department chair shall notify (in-person and in writing) a student whom they considers unsuitable for the profession of the reasons for that decision and the case against them. The student shall be informed of the right of appeal to the faculty appeals and adjudication committee (FAAC) and that they may wish to consult the Ombudsperson to prepare the appeal. The appeal should be written and delivered to the associate dean of undergraduate programs within two weeks of the decision.
Students should be aware that all arrangements for field experience and practica are made through the Teacher Education Office, located in the MacLaurin Building.
complete a French Immersion methodology course such as UVic's EDCI 476 Organization and Instruction in French Immersion.
Mentor teachers, school administrators and/or university supervisors, who terminate a student's practicum for misconduct or repeated absences, or where the learning environment of the school's students is in jeopardy, must immediately discuss the matter with a placement coordinator. The manager of teacher education will then either inform the student of the conditions under which he or she may resume participation in the practicum or require the student to withdraw from the practicum
Students seeking temporary or permanent withdrawal from a practicum must notify the manager of teacher education in writing, including the reasons for the request.
Students who are denied a practicum, are required to withdraw from a practicum, or voluntarily withdraw from a practicum must apply in writing to the manager of teacher education if they wish a second attempt. Approval for a second attempt at a practicum is not guaranteed. When approved, a practicum will normally be retaken within the next year when the practicum is normally scheduled.
If students do not successfully complete a second practicum experience, they will be required to withdraw from the Teacher Education program.
Students should refer to Graduation for university regulations concerning graduation.To be eligible for a Bachelor of Education degree, the candidate must normally have earned: