English Literature, 1800-1914

Units: 1.5

Hours: 3-0-0

Formerly: part of ENGL 200B

Surveys major works from the Romantic, Victorian and Edwardian periods. Covers important genres (lyrical ballad, ode, dramatic monologue, essay, novel, drama) and aesthetic tendencies such as romanticism, realism and aestheticism. Authors may include Wordsworth, Coleridge, the Shelleys, Keats, Austen, Tennyson, the Brownings, the Bröntes, Dickens, Hardy, Wilde, Forster and Conrad.


  • Credit will be granted for only one of ENGL 200C, ENGL 151, ENGL 200, ENGL 200B (if taken in Sep 2010 - Apr 2013).

Undergraduate course in English offered by the Department of English in the Faculty of Humanities.

Summer 2019 Fall 2019 Spring 2020

Summer timetable available: February 15. Fall and Spring timetables available: May 15.

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