MRNE 400

Directed Studies

Units: 1.5 or 3.0

Directed studies under the supervision of a member of faculty. Involves a research project approved by the supervisor in the field of interest of the student, and will be designed to take maximum advantage of the laboratory and/or field opportunities offered by the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.


  • A student may take up to a maximum of 3 units from MRNE 400, BIOL 490A, BIOL 490B, BIOL 490D, BIOL 490E, BIOL 490F, BIOL 490G, BIOL 490H, BIOL 490J.
  • Pro Forma required.
  • May be counted toward the Concentration in Marine Biology if it has substantial marine content and with permission of the department.
  • This is a field course offered at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre for upper level Biology credit. Please visit for more information.


  • Minumum third-year standing; and
  • minumum cumulative GPA of 5.0 in the last 15 units of coursework.

Undergraduate course in Marine Science offered by the Department of Biology in the Faculty of Science.