Community Development : Program Requirements
The program consists of 16.5 units of study, including 4.5 units for the Master’s Project (CD 596/598). In addition to online course work, Students are required to attend a two-week summer residency workshop in the first term and a one-week summer residency workshop in the fourth and seventh terms. The remaining courses are completed through online study only.
Course requirements consist of 6 core courses and two electives.
Elective Courses: Subject to availability, choice of two elective from CD 508, 509, 518, 519, 522, 590 as well as courses in related fields of study offered by the School of Public Administration or by other departments, with permission of the Graduate Adviser.
Final Requirement: Beginning during their third (spring) term, students will work on a Master's Project (CD 596/598) addressing a management, policy or program problem for a client in the community development sector.
CD 501 (1.5)
CD 530 (1.5)
CD 512 (1.5)
CD 505 (1.5)
CD 596 or 598 (4.5)
CD 531 (1.5)
CD 596 or 598 (4.5)
CD 596 or 598 (4.5)
CD 596 or 598 (4.5)
CD 526 (1.5)
CD 596/598 (4.5)
Program requirements for students admitted up to and including May 2019 will remain as detailed in the calendar that was in effect at the time of their admission.
The Master’s Project (CD 596/598) requires students to complete a major community development project in consultation with an academic supervisor. The project is expected to be a substantial analysis of an organizational issue, policy issue, or other relevant topic approved by the Graduate Coordinator and may be done in collaboration with a client. A written project report will be prepared and submitted to an oral examination committee.