Political Science : Admission Requirements
The normal minimum for admission to the PhD program is an MA in Political Science with an average of A- in all Political Science graduate courses. The department will only consider applicants who are interested in one of the seven areas of concentration: Indigenous Nationhood, Contemporary Political Theory; International and Transnational Politics; Democratic Constitutionalism; Comparative Public Policy and Governance; Cultural, Social and Political Thought; Politics of the Global South.
This interdisciplinary program is open to selected MA and PhD students in Anthropology, English, Environmental Studies, Germanic Studies, History, Political Science and Sociology. Students must apply online, choosing the Concentration in Cultural, Social and Political Thought option for Political Science. If approved by the department, the application will be reviewed by the CSPT Admissions Committee. Only students already accepted into an MA or PhD program in English, Environmental Studies, History, Political Science or Sociology may be admitted to CSPT. For full information about the program see <www.uvic.ca/socialsciences/politicalscience/graduate/cspt/index.php >.
To be given full consideration for admission and funding, all domestic and international applicants are asked to apply by January 15 for September admission. The admissions process closes on May 15. Both the MA and PhD programs have September entry points.