Political Science
Graduate Secretary: Rachel Richmond
The MA program provides an opportunity for advanced research in most areas of Political Science and includes either a thesis option or a project-based option which consists of a major research paper with additional coursework. The Department also offers a Master's stream in Politics of Global Challenges and Master's concentrations in Cultural, Social and Political Thought and Indigenous Nationhood.
The department also collaborates in the administration of British Columbia’s Legislative Internship Program. Interns may receive a two-course (3 unit) credit for a research report related to their work (POLI 580) which they are required to submit to a two-member examination committee of the department. This program is open only to selected graduates of British Columbia universities, who must apply to the program and are chosen on a competitive basis. Further information is available at: <www.leg.bc.ca/content-peo/Pages/Legislative-Internship-Program.aspx>.