Applicants must have satisfied the Academic Writing Requirement. Two of ENGL 135, 146 or 147 (or other approved English courses including ENGL100-level or equivalent).
MATH 151 (1.5 units) and STAT 252 (1.5 units) OR
ECON 245* (1.5 units) and ECON 246* (1.5 units) OR
STAT 255* (1.5 units) and STAT 256* (1.5 units) OR equivalents.
* check course descriptions for pre-requisites
Math 12 is a prerequisite to the above mentioned courses. If MATH 120 is taken at UVic as a Math 12 equivalent, it will not be counted as 1.5 units of Other Math as described below.
Students who select the ECON 245 and ECON 246 or the STAT 255 and STAT 256 combinations can satisfy both the statistics requirements (1.5 units) and the other math requirement (1.5 units).
COM 206C: Business English and Communications (or equivalent)
COM 290: Introduction to Canadian Business
In addition to the above, a list of highly recommended pre-commerce courses is available on the school's website.
Students pursuing a non-Business degree may elect to take a Business Minor. The Business Minor program consists of 9 units including COM 202, 220, 240, 250, 317 with a minimum grade of C+ in each course, plus at least 1.5 units of 300- or 400-level COM, ENT or IB courses. Students must declare the Minor with the advising centre of their originating faculty. Required courses at the 200-level or higher in the Business Minor program cannot form part of the requirements towards other programs or options.