Faculty of Education : 8.0 Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Major in Recreation and Health Education Co-operative Education Program
Note: An ACWR-designated 10L (i.e., 100 level) 1.5 unit transfer credit will be accepted in lieu of 1.5 units of English required for application to, and as part of, the Recreation and Health Education program.
EPHE 143 (1.5)
Participation in EPHE 200 Co-op Seminar is a mandatory requirement for all School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education Co-op students. This course is a corequisite for students participating in the placement process prior to their first work term. EPHE 200 is offered in the September to December academic term. Students will be provided more information regarding the content and requirements for completion of this seminar upon admission to the RHED program.
Students will be denied a co-operative education placement if their preparation in required course work and/or EPHE 200 is deemed unsatisfactory by their instructor(s) and/or the Director of the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education.
ENGL 135 and one of 146, 147
A student who achieves a grade lower than A- in EPHE 499 will graduate with a Major provided all requirements for the Major program are fulfilled.
addition of EPHE 357 Research Methods (1.5 units) and EPHE 499 Honours Thesis or Tutorial (3.0 units);