Undergraduate Admission : Important Application Information
The appropriate penalty will be determined by the Registrar after consideration of any statement from the applicant and is subject to appeal. Students who believe they have grounds for appeal as noted in Appealing Admission/Reregistration Decisions may appeal to the Senate Committee on Admission, Reregistration, and Transfer, stating why the penalty assigned should be reconsidered. Applicants should note that any UVic course credit accumulated before the Failure to Disclose is determined will not be considered in the re-assessment of admissibility.
In addition to the requirements given in the Documentation Required for Admission, applicants may be required to submit supplementary information or meet additional requirements as specified by a faculty or department’s selection process. Refer to individual faculty or department entries in the Calendar or their website for more information.
Applicants must grant permission to the BC Ministry of Education to send official grades to UVic via the Student Transcripts Service (STS). The Ministry will send interim grades to the University in May and final grades in July.
An official transcript is one that has a current date and is issued directly to Undergraduate Admissions from a Ministry of Education, institution previously attended or other designated authority. A student copy, photocopy or an unsealed transcript is considered unofficial. No final confirmation regarding admission will be sent until final official transcripts have been received and verified. Transcripts in languages other than English must be submitted together with notarized translations into English.
Applicants who have been denied admission or reregistration to the University and who can prove extenuating circumstances or provide information that was not presented initially should submit an appeal letter or Notice of Appeal Form and supporting documentation to the Senate Committee on Admission, Reregistration and Transfer, c/o Admission Officer (new students), or Records Officer (returning students), Office of the Registrar, University Centre. Note that there are no personal appearances before the Committee. Should the Office of the Registrar deem that the appeal lacks sufficient supporting documentation, the appellant will be notified and provided the opportunity to supplement the appeal before it goes to the Committee.