Visual Arts Courses (ART)

Undergraduate Courses

Before admission to any 300-level art course, Visual Arts students should have completed a minimum of 12 units of out-of-department electives and their program requirements of 100- and 200-level art courses. Registration in upper-level courses is restricted to students majoring in Visual Arts.

100-level courses
100E Studio Foundation
101E Drawing
103 Foundation Drawing and Painting
104 Foundation Sculpture and Material Methods
105 Foundation Photography and Video Art
106 Foundation Core Media Technologies and Arts
115 Exploring Drawing and Colour
116 An Introduction to Documentary Photography
117 An Introduction to Observational Drawing
118 An Introduction to Colour
130E Printmaking
141 An Introduction to Contemporary Art Photography
150 Introduction to Contemporary Art Theory, Criticism and Practice
151 An Introduction to Contemporary Visual Art

200-level courses
201 Drawing
202 Drawing
211 Painting
212 Painting
221 Sculpture
222 Sculpture
241 Photography
242 Photography
250 Modernism and Postmodernism
261 Digital Media Arts I
262 Digital Media Arts II
271 Video Art
272 Video Art

300-level courses
300 Drawing
306 Studies in Drawing, Photo, Media and Interdisciplinary Practice
310 Painting
320 Sculpture
334 Multi-Media Printmaking
340 Photography
351 Special Studies
352 Audain Studio Seminar
353 Visiting Artist Talk Series
360 Extended Media Practices
370 Video Art
380 Curatorial Direction
390 Directed Studies in Visual Arts
395 Visual Structures in the Imaginative Realm I

400-level courses
401 BFA Exhibition and Professional Practices
406 Studies in Drawing, Photo, Media and Interdisciplinary Practices
490 Directed Studies
495 Visual Structures in the Imaginative Realm II

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 First Year Drawing
501 Second Year Drawing
511 First Year Painting
512 Second Year Painting
521 First Year Sculpture
522 Second Year Sculpture
541 First Year Photography
542 Second Year Photography
551 First Year Digital Media
552 Second Year Digital Media
570 Directed Study
580 First Year Seminar
581 Second Year Seminar
598 MFA Degree Exhibition