Chemistry Courses (CHEM)

Undergraduate Courses

000-level courses
091 Introduction to Chemistry

100-level courses
101 Fundamentals of Chemistry from Atoms to Materials
102 Chemical Reactivity Fundamentals with Environmental Applications
150 Engineering Chemistry

200-level courses
212 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
213 Practical Spectroscopy
222 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry with Laboratory
225 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
231 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
232 Organic Chemistry with Biological Applications with Laboratory
234 Organic Chemistry with Biological Applications
245 Introduction to Thermodynamics
260 Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory
298 Research Experience

300-level courses
300A Chemistry in Modern Society
318 Instrumental Techniques of Analysis
324 Transition Metal Chemistry
337 Bio-organic Chemistry
347 Quantum Chemistry
361 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
362 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
363 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
364 Physical Chemistry Laboratory
398 Research Experience
399 Research Experience

400-level courses
405 Professional Development and Societal Engagement for Chemists
411 Advanced Instrumental Analysis
421 Contemporary Inorganic Chemistry
423 Organometallics and Catalysis
432 Organic Synthesis
437 Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
447 Advanced Molecular Spectroscopy
451 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and its Applications
452 Reaction Mechanisms and Dynamics
453 Structure, Reactivity and Bonding
458 Statistical Thermodynamics
459 Materials Science
467 Special Topics in Experimental Chemistry
475 Electrochemistry and its Applications
476 Polymer Chemistry
477 Computational Chemistry
478 Industrial Chemistry
489 Special Topics in Chemistry
490 Directed Studies in Chemistry
498A Advanced Research Experience I
498B Advanced Research Experience II
499A Honours Thesis I
499B Honours Thesis II

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
505 Research Methods and Professional Development in Chemistry
509 Seminar
511 Advanced Instrumental Analysis
521 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
523 Organometallic Chemistry
526 Topics in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
533 Organic Synthesis
537 Biological and Medicinal Chemistry
547 Advanced Molecular Spectroscopy
551 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and its Applications
552 Reaction Mechanisms and Dynamics
553 Structure, Reactivity and Bonding
555 Statistical Thermodynamics
556 Topics in Advanced Physical Chemistry
560 Research Tools and Special Topics
577 Computational Chemistry
578 Industrial Chemistry
590 Directed Studies
599 MSc Thesis

600-level courses
633 Topics in Advanced Organic Chemistry
645 Electrochemistry and its Applications
647 Materials Science
670 Property-Directed Synthesis Discussion
676 Polymer Science
680 Reactivity, Dynamics and Spectroscopy Discussion
693 PhD Candidacy Examination
699 PhD Dissertation