CSC 105

Computers and Information Processing

Units: 1.5

Hours: 3-1-0

An introduction to business computing. Topics covered include the basic structure of digital computer systems, microcomputers, word processing, spreadsheets, database systems, communications, networks and introductory programming. In the laboratory, students will receive hands-on experience with microcomputers and software packages for business applications.


  • Not open for credit to students registered in or with credit in CSC 106, CSC 110, CSC 111, CSC 212, HINF 130, HINF 171, HINF 172.
  • Intended primarily for students undertaking a degree in Business or Economics; students considering a Major in Computer Science should enrol in CSC 106 or CSC 110 rather than CSC 105.

Undergraduate course in Computer Science offered by the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering.

Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Summer 2020

Summer timetable available: February 15. Fall and Spring timetables available: May 15.

Before these dates the class schedule will show "No classes were found that meet your search criteria". If this message is shown after these dates, the course is not scheduled for the selected term.