Indigenous Community-based Child and Youth Care Courses (CYCB)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
110 Practicum I Community Care Settings For Children and Youth
111 Practicum II The Whole Child
112 Practicum III The Child in the Curriculum
120 Introduction to Play (ECCE)
121 Foundations of Curriculum Planning (ECCE)
122 Curriculum Design and Implementation (ECCE)
123 The Caring and Learning Environment (ECCE)
140 Introduction to Human Behaviour
141 Child Development I
142 Child Development II
150 Interpersonal Communications
151 Communicating with Children and Guiding Children's Behaviour

200-level courses
210 Practicum with Developmental Specialization
211 Practicum in Supported Child Care for Children with Special Needs
220 Introduction to School-Age Care (CYC)
221 Introduction to Programs For Adolescents (CYC)
222 Program Development for Infants and Toddlers
230 The Ecology of Health, Safety and Nutrition for Children
231 Administration of Child Care Facilities
240 Introduction to Supported Care for Children with Special Needs
250 Introduction to Planned Change
251 Communication Skills for Professional Helpers
260 Special Topics in Child and Youth Care