Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies Courses (ED-D)

Undergraduate Courses

Courses offered by the Faculty of Education are also found under the following course codes: AE, ED-D, ED-P, EDCI, EPHE, IA, IED, IE, ME.

100-level courses
101 Learning Strategies for University Success

300-level courses
300 Introduction to Educational Psychology
301 Learners and Learning Environments
302 Experiential Learning and Community Engagement
316 Study of Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
337A Evaluation of Student Achievement in the Arts
337B Evaluation of Student Achievement in the Humanities and Modern Languages
337C Evaluation of Student Achievement in Physical Education
337E Evaluation of Student Achievement Sciences and Social Sciences

400-level courses
401 Introduction to Psychology of Classroom Learning
402 Assessment For Special Education
405 Advanced Educational Exceptionality
406 Psychology of Adolescence
407 Evaluating and Reporting Student Progress
408 Promoting Prosocial Behaviour: Strategies and Management
410 Teacher as Leader: The Professional Role
411 Teaching Students with Behavioural and Emotional Difficulties
414 Group Processes
415 Level B Assessment and Instructional Programming
416 Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills in Special Education
417 Skills for Effective Interpersonal Communication
418 Introduction to Theories of Counselling
419 Introduction to Indigenous Approaches to Helping and Healing
420 Learning Support: Context and Key Issues
421 Recognition and Assessment of Learning Needs
422 Management and Adaptation of the Classroom Environment
424 Teaching Students with Developmental Disabilities
425 Assistive Technology in the Inclusive Classroom
426 Differentiating Instruction in the Inclusive Classroom
427 Collaboration and Consultation in Special Education
428 Teaching Students with Specific Learning Disorders
445 Successful University to Career Transition
480 Contemporary Topics in Education - Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
487 Special Topics in Education - Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
494 Directed Studies

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Learning Principles
501 Theory of Measurement
503 Program Development and Evaluation
505 Advanced Concepts in Human Development
506A Cognitive Development
506B Social and Emotional Development
506C Adolescent Development
508 Theories of Learning in Educational Psychology
509 Psychology of Learning and Instruction
514 Assessment in Counselling
515 Advanced Assessment in Special Education
516 Advanced Intervention in Special Education
518 Advanced Seminar in Theories of Counselling Psychology
519A Child and Adolescent Development and Counselling
519C Ethics and Legal Issues in Counselling
519D Creative Arts Therapy
519H Career Development and Counselling Across the Lifespan
519L Group Counselling
519N Diversity, Culture, and Counselling
519P Trauma Counselling
519R Indigenous Development and Counselling across Generations
519S Addictions Counselling
520 Educational Research Apprenticeship
521 Developmental Issues in Family Counselling
522 Skills and Practice for Counselling
523 Internship in Counselling
524 Facilitation of Counselling Practicum
525 Indigenous Healing and Spirituality
531 Concepts and Theory of Organization
532A Educational Program Leadership
533A Politics and Policy-Making in Organizations
533B Decision-Making and the Law
533C Servant Leadership
533D Critical Discourses in Leadership
534 Leadership for School Improvement
535 Global Comparative Perspectives on Leadership and Education
536 Philosophy of Leadership
537A Educational Change
537D Instructional Supervision
537G Leadership in Educational Administration
538A Critical Theories and Practices of Adult Education and Learning
538B Cultural Leadership and Social Learning through the Arts
538D Community and Cultural Leadership
539A Leadership, Learning and Social Justice
539B Leadership, Education and Diversity
540 Gender, Leadership and Learning
541 Leadership in Rural Education
542 A Comprehensive Investigation of Servant Leadership
560 Statistical Methods in Education
561A Methods in Educational Research
561B Research Methods in Leadership
562 Advanced Statistical Methods in Education
563 Qualitative Research Methods
564 Indigenous Research and Program Evaluation
568 Inclusive Education in the 21st Century
569 Developmental Psychopathology and Disorders
570 Self-Regulated Learning
571 Advanced Assistive Technology in the Inclusive Classroom
590 Directed Studies in Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
591A Selected Topics Learning, Development and Instructional Sciences
591B Selected Topics Measurement, Evaluation and Computer Applications
591C Selected Topics in Special Education
591D Selected Topics in Counselling
591E Selected Topics in Leadership Studies
597 Comprehensive Examination - Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
598 Project - Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies
599 Thesis - Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies

600-level courses
600 Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
605 Educational Psychology: Apprenticeship in Teaching in Higher Education
610 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
614 University Teaching
615 Individual Apprenticeship in University Teaching
620 Educational Psychology: Doctoral Apprenticeship in Research
660 Doctoral Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Educational Psychology
690 Advanced Directed Studies in Educational Psychology
691 Advanced Special Topics in Educational Psychology
693 Doctoral Candidacy Exam in Educational Psychology
699 PhD Dissertation