Curriculum and Instruction Studies Courses (ED-P)

Undergraduate Courses

Courses offered by the Faculty of Education are also found under the following course codes: AE, ED-D, ED-P, EDCI, EPHE, IA, IED, IE, ME.

200-level courses
251 Three-Week Practicum (Elementary Education)

300-level courses
301 Internship/Community Experience
351 Six-Week Practicum (Elementary Education)
361 Six-Week Practicum (Elementary or Middle Years Post Degree)

400-level courses
451 Nine-Week Practicum (Elementary Education)
461 Nine-Week Elementary Practicum (Elementary or Middle Years Post Degree)
496 Mentoring in Teaching
497 Professional Seminar or Practicum
498 Seminar and Two-Week Practicum for BEd (Secondary Curriculum)
499 Professional Development Professional Studies

Professional Courses

700-level courses
781 Six-Week Practicum (Secondary Post-Degree)
782 Nine-Week Practicum (Secondary Post-Degree)
798 Final Sixteen-Week Practicum (Secondary)