English Courses (ENGL)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
101 Fundamentals of Academic Literacy
135 Academic Reading and Writing
146 Contemporary Literature (AWR)
147 Literary Traditions (AWR)

200-level courses
200A English Literature to 1660
200B English Literature, 1660-1800
200C English Literature, 1800-1914
201 Introduction to Modernist Literature
202 Introduction to Canadian Literature
203 Introduction to American Literature
207 Introduction to Cultural Studies
208 Introduction to Women's Writing
209 Foundations of Literary Criticism
215 The Writing of Expository Prose
225 Technical Communications: Written and Verbal
230 Literature and Culture I
260 The Bible as Literature
261 Literature and Social Conflict
262 Literature, the Self and Society

300-level courses
301 Report Writing for Business
302 Writing for Government and the Public Sector
303 Copy Editing
305 Visual Rhetoric for Professional Writers
306 Technical Communication
310 Practical Criticism
330 Literature and Culture II
337 Medieval British Literature in Translation
338 Introduction to Old Icelandic
340 Introduction to Old English
341 Old English Literature
342 Early Middle English Literature
343 Later Middle English Literature
344A Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
344B Chaucer: Troilus and Minor Works
348 Alliterative Traditions
350 Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Literature
353 Studies in Medieval English Literature
359 16th-Century Poetry and Prose
360 Special Studies in Shakespeare
362 Special Studies in Renaissance Literature
364 English Renaissance Drama
365 17th-Century Poetry and Prose in an Age of Revolution
366B Shakespeare: Histories and Tragedies
366C Shakespeare: Comedies, Problem Plays, and Romances
369 Milton's Major Poetry and Selected Prose
372 Special Studies in 18th-Century Literature
373 English Literature of the Restoration Period: 1660-1700
374 Swift, Pope, and the Literature of the Augustan Age: 1701-1745
375 Johnson, Blake and the Later 18th Century
376A The Beginning of the English Novel: 1660-1750
376B The English Novel: 1750 to the Early 19th Century
379 British Fiction and Non-Fiction of the Early 19th Century
380 Victorian Fiction: Dickens to Eliot
381 Late Victorian and Edwardian Fiction
382 The Romantic Period I
383 The Romantic Period II
385 Special Studies in 19th-Century British Literature
386 Victorian Poetry
387 Victorian Culture and Thought
388 Special Studies in 20th-Century British Literature
391 Special Studies in Literary Genre
392 Studies in a Major Figure
393 Myth and Literature
395 Special Topics in Cultural Studies

400-level courses
401 Web Design
402 Children's Literature
406 Special Studies in Professional Communication
407 Social Media and Electronic Communication
410 Backgrounds to English Literary Traditions
412 Research for Professional Writers
413 Studies in Film and Literature
414A American Film to 1945
414B American Film Since 1945
417A Digital Audio Production for Professional Writers
417B Digital Video Production for Professional Writers
418 Print Media Genres and Techniques for Professional Communication
419A Narrative Film to 1945
419B Narrative Film since 1945
425 Special Studies in the Literature of the United States
426 Studies in North American Literature
427 19th-Century American Prose and Poetry
428A 19th-Century American Fiction I
428B 19th-Century American Fiction II
429A 20th-Century American Fiction to World War II
429B Mid-20th-Century American Fiction
429C Contemporary American Fiction
431A Modern American Poetry I
431B Modern American Poetry II
432A American Poetry: 1950-1975
432B American Poetry: from 1975 to the Present Day
433A Modern Irish Literature
433B Contemporary Irish Literature
434A British Poetry 1914-1950
434B British Poetry from 1950 to the Present
435 Modernist Poetry
436A 20th-Century British Fiction to World War II
436B 20th-Century British Fiction After World War II
437A Modern Drama to World War II
437B Modern Drama Since World War II
438 Special Studies in Post-Colonial Literature and Theory
439A Colonial Discourse and Postcolonial Studies
439B Special Studies in Postcolonial Literatures
448 Special Studies in Canadian Literature
449 Special Studies in Contemporary Literature
450 Modern Canadian Fiction
451 Contemporary Canadian Fiction
452 Modern Canadian Poetry
453 Contemporary Canadian Poetry
455 Canadian Literature in Transnational Times
456 Literature of British Columbia
457 Literary and Cultural Criticism in Canada
458 Comparative Studies in Contemporary French and English Canadian Literature
459 Early Canadian Literature
460 Classic Literary Criticism
461 Introduction to Contemporary Literary Theory
462 Studies in Modern Critical Theory
464 The Bible and Literature in English
466 Cultural Studies
467 Seminar in 20th-Century Literary Criticism
468 Seminar in Late 20th-Century Literary Theory
471 Women and Literature
472 Gender Issues in Literature
476 Indigenous and Diasporic Literatures in Canada
477 Indigenous Literature in English
478 Special Studies in Literature and Environment
479 Victorian and Edwardian Children's Fiction
480 Topics Seminar for Majors
481 In the Archives
490 Directed Reading in English
492 Directed Reading in Advanced Topics in Professional Communication
493 Directed Reading in Advanced Topics in Literary Study
499 Graduating Essay in Honours

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Textual Studies and Methods of Research
502 Teaching Literature and Composition
503 Special Studies I
505 Studies in Literary Theory: Area Course
506 Studies in Literary Theory: Special Topic
507 Digital Literary Studies: History and Principles
508 Digital Literary Studies: Special Topic
510 Studies in Old English Literature: Special Topic
515 Studies in Middle English Literature: Area Course
516 Studies in Middle English Literature: Special Topic
520 Studies in Renaissance Literature: Area Course
521 Studies in Renaissance Literature: Special Topic
530 Studies in the Literature of the 17th Century: Area Course
531 Studies in the Literature of the 17th Century: Special Topic
540 Studies in the Literature of the 18th Century: Area Course
541 Studies in the Literature of the 18th Century: Special Topic
550 Studies in the Literature of the 19th Century: Area Course
551 Studies in the Literature of the 19th Century: Special Topic
560 Studies in 20th-Century British and Irish Literature: Area Course
561 Studies in 20th-Century British and Irish Literature: Special Topic
570 Studies in American Literature Pre-1914: Area Course
571 Studies in American Literature 1914 to the Present: Area Course
572 Studies in American Literature: Special Topic
580 Studies in Commonwealth and Postcolonial Literatures: Area Course
581 Studies in Commonwealth and Postcolonial Literatures: Special Topic
582 Core Seminar in Literatures of the West Coast
583 Studies in the Literature of the West Coast
585 Studies in Canadian Literature: Area Course
586 Studies in Canadian Literature: Special Topic
590 Directed Reading
598 Master's Essay or Project
599 MA Traditional or Alternative Thesis

600-level courses
693 Candidacy Examination
699 PhD Dissertation