Environmental Restoration Courses (ER)

Undergraduate Courses

200-level courses
250 Directed Experiential Learning in Ecological Restoration

300-level courses
311 Principles and Concepts of Ecological Restoration
312A Field Study in Ecological Restoration I
312B Field Study in Ecological Restoration II
313 Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
314 Ethical, Legal and Policy Aspects of Environmental Restoration
325 Ecosystems of British Columbia, Canada and the World
326 Traditional Systems of Land and Resource Management
327 Ecorestoration Strategies: Case Studies
328 Forest Restoration and Sustainable Forestry
329 Mining Restoration
331 Urban Restoration and Sustainable Agricultural Systems
332 Selection and Propagation of Native Plants for Ecological Restoration
334 Soil Conservation and Restoration
335A Restoration of Fresh Water Aquatic Systems
335B Restoration of Marine Aquatic Systems
336 Leadership Skills for Ecological Restoration
338 Special Topics in Environmental Restoration
352 Non-Timber Forest Management and Sustainable Use in Major Forest Zones of BC
390 Environmental Restoration Project

400-level courses
400 Seminar in Environmental Restoration
411 Advanced Principles and Practice in Ecological Restoration
412 Galiano Island Field Study
490 Directed Studies