French Courses (FRAN)

Undergraduate Courses

Note: The departmental language and literature requirements are described here.

100-level courses
100 Intensive French I
120 Intensive French II
150 Elementary Oral French
160 Words in Context
180 Intensive French III

200-level courses
200 Introduction to French Linguistics
220 French Phonetics
250 Experiential Learning
265 French Connections
275 Writing in French I
280 Literary Texts I

300-level courses
300 French Reading Course
310 Literary Texts II
325 Studies in the Cultures of the French-speaking World (in English)
335 Studies in Cinema and Literature of the French-Speaking World (in English)
340 Studies in the Literatures or Language of the French-Speaking World (in English)
350 Advanced Oral French
360 French Field School Seminar
375 Writing in French II
380 French Morphology
385 French Syntax and Semantics
390 Critical Methods

400-level courses
400 Advanced Studies in French Linguistics
402 An Advanced Language Course in Modern French Usage
404 History of French
405 Varieties of French
406 Translation Studies
410 Studies in Québec or French-Canadian Literature
411 The French-Canadian Novel from the Origins to the Modern Period
412 The French-Canadian Novel 1960-1995
415 French-Canadian Poetry
417 Comparative Studies in Contemporary French and English Canadian Literature
420 Studies in Francophone Literatures and Cultures
422 Contemporary Francophone African Novel
423 Contemporary Francophone Caribbean Novel
430 Studies in French Literatures and Culture before 1800
431 Medieval Literature
434 Medieval and Renaissance Theatre
435 Renaissance Poetry
436 Renaissance Prose
441 Comedy in the 17th and 18th Centuries
444 18th-Century French Literature and Culture
446 The Enlightenment
450 Studies in French Literature and Culture after 1800
453 Decadence and Symbolism
455 Dada and Surrealism: the End of the Novel
456 20th-Century French Theatre
457 Breaking New Ground after Existentialism
470 Studies in Culture, Literature or Language of the French-Speaking World
475 Modern French
480 Directed Studies
499 Honours Graduating Essay

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500A Introduction to Research Methods
500B Application of Research Methods
502 Applied Linguistics in French
503 Studies in French Linguistics
504 Studies in Culture and Society
505 Studies in Literary Theory and Criticism
506 Studies in French Literature and Culture
515 Studies in Québec or French-Canadian Literatures
517 Studies in Francophone African or Caribbean Literatures
524 Studies in Transmediation
525 Studies in Translation
580 Special Topics
590 Directed Studies
598 Reading List/Oral
599 Thesis/Oral