Germanic Studies Courses (GMST)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100 Introduction to Germanic Studies
101 Beginning German I
102 Beginning German II
105 Business German
180 Myths, Fairy Tales and Fantasy Fiction

200-level courses
201 Intermediate German I
202 Intermediate German II
210 Special Topics
261 Trends in Contemporary Germany, Switzerland and Austria

300-level courses
300 Germanic Cultural Studies
301 Advanced German I
302 Advanced German II
350 A Short History of German Film
351 The New German Cinema
352 Recent Film
353 Literature and Film of the Holocaust and "Third Reich"
355 German Expressionism (1910-1933)
362 The Two Germanies
365 Marx, Nietzsche, Freud
369 Topics in Scandinavian Studies
380 Heroism and Romance from the Middle Ages to Romanticism

400-level courses
401 Topics in Popular Culture (in German)
402 Film (in German)
405 Reading, Grammar and Translation
410 Special Topics
450 Major Filmmakers
452 Representations of Nazism in Contemporary Film and Visual Culture
453 After-Images of the Holocaust in Text and Film
454 A Cultural History of Vampires in Literature and Film
455 German Visual Culture
461 Metropolis Berlin
462 Nietzsche in the English-Speaking World
465 Adorno, Benjamin and Frankfurt School Critical Theory
480 Major Writers
481 The Age of Goethe and Romanticism
482 Special Topics in Holocaust Studies
484 Holocaust Testimony and Archival Practice
487 The Theatre and Dramaturgy of Bertolt Brecht
488 Performing German Drama
489 I-witness Field School
490 Directed Studies
499 Honours Thesis

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
501 Introduction to the Disciplines of Germanic and Slavic Studies
502 Theory and Practice
503 Teaching in the Disciplines of Germanic and Slavic Studies
505 Advanced German Language Study
509 Special Topics Field School
511 Studies in Film
520 17th-Century Cultural Studies
521 Studies in Germanic Literatures and Cultures
530 18th-Century Cultural Studies
531 Studies in Germanic Cultural History
540 19th-Century Cultural Studies
550 20th-Century Cultural Studies I
551 20th-Century Cultural Studies II
561 Transnational Cultural Studies
565 Adorno, Benjamin and Frankfurt School Critical Theory
570 Studies in New Media in Second Language Acquisition
580 The Holocaust
581 Holocaust Studies in Cross-Cultural Contexts
582 Special Topics in Holocaust Studies
583 Teaching About the Holocaust
584 Holocaust Testimony and Archival Practice
585 Holocaust and Memory Studies
587 Practicum in Holocaust Studies
589 I-witness Field School
590 Directed Studies I
591 Directed Studies II
598 Research Paper or Project
599 Thesis