Gender Studies Courses (GNDR)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100 Gender, Power and Difference

200-level courses
200 Popular Culture and Social Media
201 Gender, Food and Power
202 Globalization and Resistance
203 Indigenous Women in Canada
204 Gender, Health, Power and Resistance
205 Girlhoods in Film and Popular Culture
206 Monstrous Women
207 Gender, Globalization and the Love Industry
209 Families, Intimacies and Nationhood
210 The Zombie in Popular Culture
219 Topics in Gender Studies

300-level courses
300 Gender Studies Seminar
301 Women, Race and Empire
302 Sex Work, Trafficking and Human Rights
304 Gendering India from Empire to Bollywood
305 Gender and International Human Rights
306 Gender and International Development
307 Sexuality and the Body in International Development
308 Indigeneity, Gender and Land
309 Masculinities
310 Indigenous Feminisms
319 Topics in Economies, States and Global Issues
320 Queer Desire
321 The Medicalization of Sex
322 Girl Power and Feminisms
323 Women in Contemporary India
324 Gender, Nation and War
325 North American Asian Feminist Thought and Action
329 Topics in Power, Identities and Difference
330 Feminist Thought, Past and Present
331 Queering the Undead
332 What's Race Got To Do With It?
333 Anti-Racist Feminisms and Democratic Futures
334 Bodies out of Bounds
335 Border Crossing, Migration and Gender
336 Transgender Theory
339 Topics in Theories and Activism
340 Indigenous Cinema Decolonizing the Screen
341 Indigenous Women's Autobiographies
342 Queer Literature
343 Indigenous Women Writing Resistance
344 Queer Film
349 Topics in Film, Literature and Cultural Production

400-level courses
400A Critical Research Practices
400B Research Seminar for Independent Project
450 Practising Feminism in the Field
480 Advanced Seminar in Gender Studies
490 Directed Studies
499 Honours Graduating Essay