Greek Courses (GREE)

Undergraduate Courses

Students without previous knowledge of ancient Greek will register for GREE 101. GREE 202 is the prerequisite for GREE 301, 302, 303, 304, 305 and 306, two of which will be offered annually, circumstances permitting. Courses at the 400-level have a prerequisite of 3 units of Greek at the 300-level or above, or permission of the department. For courses in Greek and Roman archaeology, history, and literature, see courses listed under GRS.

100-level courses
101 Introductory Ancient Greek I
102 Introductory Ancient Greek II

200-level courses
201 Advanced Greek Grammar
202 Introduction to Greek Literature

300-level courses
301 Greek Epic
302 Greek Tragedy
303 Greek Historians
304 Plato
305 Greek Orators
306 Greek Comedy
310 Koiné Greek

400-level courses
481 Seminar in Greek Literature