Greek and Roman Studies Courses (GRS)

Undergraduate Courses

Greek and Roman Studies courses are designed to provide students with access to a broad range of topics dealing with ancient Greek and Roman culture at all levels. A knowledge of the Greek and Latin languages is not required for GRS courses, but interested students are strongly encouraged to begin Latin and Greek language courses as early as possible. GRS 100, 101 and 102 are designed primarily as foundational courses and are highly recommended for students in all fields of study. For courses in the Greek and Latin languages, see courses listed under GREE and LATI.

100-level courses
100 Discovering the Greeks and Romans
101 Discovering the Ancient Greeks
102 Discovering the Ancient Romans

200-level courses
200 Greek and Roman Mythology
203 Classical Archaeology
204 The Ancient World on Film
250 Greek and Latin Roots of English

300-level courses
300 Heroes and Heroines in Action in Ancient Greek Epics
314 Age of Nero
315 Age of Augustus
316 Pirates and Passion in Greek and Roman Novels and Romances
320 Greek Tragedy
323 Ancient Comedy and Satire
325A Topics in Greek Literature
325B Topics in Roman Literature
326 Topics in Greek and Roman Civilization
328 Myth and Theory
331 Greek History from the Bronze Age to Alexander
332 Social and Economic History of Greece
333 Alexander and the Hellenistic Age
335 Women in the Greek and Roman World
336 Democracy in the Ancient Mediterranean and its Legacy
337 Herodotus and Greek Ethnography
341 Rome's Empire
342 Roman Daily Life
344 The Fall of the Roman Republic
348 The City of Rome
349 Jews and Christians in the Greek and Roman World
350 Late Antiquity
355 Love, Sex, and the Body in the Ancient World
361 Aegean Bronze Age
371 Greek Art and Archaeology
372 Roman Art and Archaeology
374 Pompeii and Herculaneum
376 Ancient Technology
377 Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World
379 Early Greek Thought
380 The Life and Times of Socrates
381 Greek and Roman Religion
395 Classical Studies Abroad

400-level courses
432 The Ancient Economy
443 The Athenian Empire
461 Greece and the Near East
462 Archaeology of Athens
480A Seminar in Greek History
480C Seminar in Roman History
482A Seminar in Greek Archaeology
482B Seminar in Roman Archaeology
493 Directed Study in Greek or Roman Civilization
495 Practicum in Archaeology
499 Graduating Essay in Honours

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Pro-seminar in Research Methods and Practices
501 Greek Literature
502 Greek History
503 Latin Literature
504 Roman History
505 Ancient Art and Archaeology
506 Ancient Philosophy
590 Directed Individual Study
599 MA Thesis

600-level courses
601A Readings in Classical Literature (Greek)
601B Readings in Classical Literature (Latin)
602A Readings in Ancient History (Greek)
602B Readings in Ancient History (Latin)
603 Reading in Classical Archaeology
605 Archaeological Methods & Theory
611 Seminar in Classical Literature
612 Seminar in Ancient History
613 Seminar in Classical Archaeology
621 Topical Field in Classical Literature
622 Topical Field in Ancient History
623 Topical Field in Classical Archaeology
693 Candidacy Exam
699 PhD Dissertation