Health Courses (HLTH)

Undergraduate Courses

200-level courses
250 Current Issues in Health and Community Services
251 Healthy Sexuality

300-level courses
300 Determinants of Health and Population Health Promotion
301 Canadian Health and Community Care Services
320 Health Program Planning and Project Management
321 Human Resource and Fiscal Management in Community Health Systems
350 Introduction to Health Research
351 Practice of Evaluation Research
352 Promoting Healthy Sexualities
360 Health Literacy and System Navigation

400-level courses
401 Health Policy and Health Governance
402 Health and Community Supportive Technologies
403 Community Development and Capacity Building
404 Inter-Professional Practice
405 Advocacy for Ageing and Disability in Canadian Society
406 Indigenous Global Health
425 Quantitative Methods
430 Practicum
435 Culminating Major Paper
480 Special Topics in Health Studies
490 Directed Readings in Health Studies