History Courses (HSTR)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
101 Discovering the Past
101A Ten Days that Shook the World
101C Epidemics from the Black Death to AIDS
101D History of Money
101E Environmental History of the World
101F Food in World History
109 Global Society since 1400
110 Conquest and Encounter in the Atlantic World, 1492-1700
111 Age of Encounters in the Pacific World, 1700-1900
112 World History, 1900 - present
112A World History 1900-1945
112B The World Since 1945-present
115 The Second World War
119 Deportation and Exile
120 History of Human Rights
121 History, Music and the American Century
122 Conspiracies, Hoaxes and Moral Panics
131 History of Technology
132 Disease, Medicine and Society, 1500-present

200-level courses
200 Topics in History
210A The United States to the Civil War
210B The United States from Post-War Reconstruction - present
220A History of England to the Glorious Revolution
220B History of England from the Glorious Revolution - present
230A Canada to Confederation
230B Canada from Confederation - present
236 Medieval Beginnings
236A The Creation of the Medieval World
236B The European Middle Age
240A Europe, Renaissance to the French Revolution
240B Europe, Napoleon to the European Union
265A China and the Premodern World
265B China and the Modern West
267A The Origins of Modern Japan
267B Japan in the 20th Century
275 Modern South Asia from Early Empires to Gandhi
276 Modern Latin America
277A History of the Middle East, 1789-World War II
277B History of the Middle East since World War II

300-level courses
300 Exploring the Past
300A The Backpacker's Guide to European History
300B Hockey Nation: Sports History and Canadian Identity
300C Gaming and the Historical Imagination
301 The Historian's Craft
302A Revolutionary America and the Early Republic, 1763-1815
302B Antebellum America and the Civil War, 1815-1865
303A The Emergence of Modern America, 1890-1945
303B United States since 1945
304 Social History of the Automobile
306 Sex and Power in American History
307A The United States in the World, 1750-1914
307B The United States in the World, 1914-present
308 The United States and Vietnam
309 Race Riots in American Cities
310 Topics in American History
310A African-American History
310B US-Soviet Relations in the Cold War Era
310C American History in Film
310D The American West
312 Tudor-Stuart England
313A Britain's Rise to World Power, 1689-1837
313B English Society, 1689-1837
314A Becoming the Victorians, Britain 1789-1851
314B The Victorians to the Great War, Britain 1851-1914
315A Britain's Short Twentieth Century 1901-1951
315B Modern Britain 1951-the present
316A Death and the Afterlife in England, 1200-1750
316B Death and the Afterlife in England, 1750 to the Present
318 The Bloody Code: Crime in England, 1660-1800
320 Topics in British History
320A The British Monarchy since 1689
320B Homicide in Modern Britain
320C Bloodfeud, Politics and Culture in the Celtic World, 1485-1746
320E Ice and Exploration
322A Canadian Political History Since 1867
322B Canadian Constitutional History
323 Canadian-American Relations
324A Northwest America to 1849
324B British Columbia, 1849-1900
324C British Columbia in the 20th Century
325 Environmental History of British Columbia
326 Religion and Spirituality in Canada
327A Gender and Sexuality in Canada to 1920
327B Gender and Sexuality in Canada from 1920 - present
328 Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada
329A Race, Racism and Ethnicity in Canada to 1900
329B Race, Racism and Ethnicity in Canada since 1900
330 Topics in Canadian History
330C Indigenous-Settler Treaties in Canada since 1600
330D Drink and Social Control in Canada
330E Canada's 1960s
336A Topics in Medieval Europe
336S Sex, Violence and Death in Modern Medievalism
336T The Created Medieval History of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth
337A The Birth of the Renaissance
337B Reformation and Religious War in Europe
340 Topics in European History
340A Terror, Security and Military Intervention in Europe
340B Migration and Ethnic Tensions in Post-1945 Europe
342A Europe from Louis XIV to the French Revolution
342B Revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe, 1789-1815
342C Democracy, War and Nation Building in Europe, 1814-1914
343A Cinema and European Society, 1900-1945
344A The First World War
344B Europe Between Two World Wars
344C The Second World War and the Recovery of Western Europe
345 The Eastern Front in the First and Second World Wars
346 France from the Renaissance to Louis XIV
347A Reaction, Reform and Revolution in France, 1814-1914
347B Decline and Renewal of France, 1914-2014
349 Hitler in History
350A Imperial Germany
350B Weimar and Nazi Germany
350C Germany After 1945
351 Imperial Russia, 1689-1917
352 The Soviet Union and its Successor States, 1917-2000
353 Modern Ukraine and Russian-Ukrainian Conflict
355 Epidemics and Public Health in Modern History
360 Topics in World History
364 Government and Politics in East Asia
365 Topics in East Asian History
365A Late Imperial China
365B 20th Century China
365C China and the World
366 War and Revolution in China
370A Intersections of Law and Religion from Ancient to Current Worlds
371 Topics in Thematic and Comparative History
372 The Atlantic Slave Trade
374 History of South Africa
375 History of Decolonization in Asia and Africa
376A Conquest and Rebellion in Latin America, 1492 - 1783
376B The Struggle for Independence in Latin America, 1767-1867
376C Revolutions and Dictators in 20th-century Latin America
376D The Women of Latin America
377 Topics in the History of the Modern Middle East
378 History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
379 Western Imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa
380 Religion and the Making of the Modern Middle East
382 Topics in the Historical Study of Peace and War
383A War and Society Prior to 1700
383B War and Society, 1700 - 1914
383C War and Society, 1945-present
385 Topics in Social and Cultural History
385A Witchcraft and its Persecution in the Early Modern Atlantic World
385B History of the Modern Olympic Games
385C History of Sexuality
385D Pirates and Piracy Since 1500
389 Topics in Public History
389A Public Histories Local and Global

400-level courses
409 Seminar in American Gender and Sexuality
410 Seminar in American History
412 Seminar in Medieval England
412A Crime and Criminality in Medieval England
414 Seminar in 17th-century England
415 War and Social Change in England During the Two World Wars
416 Mass Media and British Politics and Society, 1896-1956
420 Seminar in British History
426 Seminar in Canadian Military History
426A Veterans' Oral History
427 Seminar in Indigenous History of Canada
429 Seminar in Canadian Political History
430 Seminar in Canadian History
436 Seminar in Medieval Europe
436F Individual, Family and Community in Medieval Society
436L Lawyers, Writing and the Medieval Formation of the West
436T The Records of the History of Middle-earth
436W Medieval Foundations of the Western Legal Tradition
440 Seminar in European History
442 Criminality and Violence in Europe, 1400-1800
444 Early Modern French Cultural History
445A Scandals in France, 1785-1914
445B Scandals and Political Culture in France, 1870-2000
447 Seminar in the History of Disease and Public Health
450 The Holocaust
451 Seminar in Russian and Eastern European History
460 Seminar in World History
465 Seminar in East Asian History
465A China in Local and Global History
471 Seminar in Thematic and Comparative History
474 Colonial Legacies Field School in South Africa
476 Indigenous, Mestizo and Spanish Accounts of the Conquest
477 Seminar in the History of the Modern Middle East
479 Religion and State in the Modern Middle East
481 A Global History of the Chinese Overseas
482 Seminar in Peace and War Studies
482A Issues in the History of the Second World War
484 The History of Food
485 Seminar in Social and Cultural History
485A Gender, Sexuality and the Body since 1800
489 Seminar in Public History
489A Doing History in a Digital World
490 Directed Reading
496 Approaches to History
497 Third-Year Honours Essay
499 Honours Thesis

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Historiography
501 American History
502A Early Modern British History
502B Modern British History
503A Pre-1900 Canadian History
503B Post-1900 Canadian History
504A Europe, 1500-1800
504B Europe since 1800
505 World History
506 Medieval Europe
507 Latin America 1492-1900
508A China in Local and Global History
508B A Global History of the Chinese Overseas
509A Modern Japanese History
509B Migration, Race and Empire: Canada and the Transpacific
511 Military History
512 Intellectual History
513 History of Gender, Sexuality and the Body
515A Public History
516 Digital History
517 Cultural History and Theory
518 Political History
519 Special Topics
521A Medieval Law and Administration
521B British Legal History
522 The Social History of Religion
523 History of Science and Technology
526 Ethnohistory
528 Field School in Ethnohistory
550 Research Methods for Masters Project
590 Directed Reading Geographical Field
591 Directed Reading - Topical Field
597 Public History Stream Research Project
598 MA Major Research Paper
599 MA Thesis

600-level courses
600 Historiography for Dissertation
601 Advanced Topics in American History
602A Advanced Topics in Early Modern British History
602B Advanced Topics in Modern British History
603A Advanced Topics in Pre-1900 Canadian History
603B Advanced Topics in Post-1900 Canadian History
604A Advanced Topics in Early Modern Europe
604B Advanced Topics in Modern Europe
605 Advanced Topics in World History
607 Advanced Topics in Latin American History
608A Advanced Topics in Chinese History
608B Advanced Topics in the Chinese Diaspora
609 Advanced Topics in Japanese History
611 Advanced Topics in Military History
612 Advanced Topics in Intellectual History
613 Advanced Topics in Gender and Sexuality
615 Advanced Topics in Public History
616 Advanced Topics in Digital History
617 Advanced Topics in Cultural History and Theory
618 Advanced Topics in Political History
622 Advanced Topics in Religious History
623 Advanced Topics in Science and Technology
626 Advanced Topics in Ethnohistory
628 Advanced Field School in Ethnohistory
690 Directed Study Geographical Field
691 Directed Study Topical Field
693 PhD Candidacy Examinations
695 Dissertation Proposal
699 PhD Thesis