Indigenous Education Courses (IED)

Undergraduate Courses

Courses offered by the Faculty of Education are also found under the following course codes: AE, ED-D, ED-P, EDCI, EPHE, IA, IED, IE, ME

100-level courses
156 Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning I
157 Supporting Indigenous Language Learning
158 Indigenous Language Mentorship I
159 Indigenous Language I
187 Special Topics in Indigenous Education
199 Special Studies in Indigenous Education

200-level courses
250 Indigenous Language Teaching Preparation Seminar
251 Indigenous Language Teaching and Learning Practicum
256 Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning II
258 Indigenous Language Mentorship II
259 Indigenous Language II
287 Special Topics in Indigenous Education
299 Special Studies in Indigenous Education

300-level courses
356 Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning III
358 Indigenous Language Mentorship III
359 Indigenous Language III
371 The History of Indigenous Education in Canada
372 Indigenous Epistemologies
373 EL TELNIWT and Indigenous Education
374 Indigenous Pedagogies
387 Special Topics in Indigenous Education
399 Special Studies in Indigenous Education

400-level courses
456 Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning IV
458 Indigenous Language Mentorship IV
459 Indigenous Language IV
473 CENENITEL TW TOLNEW: Helping each other to learn
475 Immersion Language Teaching Methodologies
486 Teaching Indigenous Arts in Elementary and Middle Schools
487 Special Topics in Indigenous Education
499 Professional Development - Indigenous Education

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
510 Leadership and Governance for Language Revitalization
520 Program Design and Curriculum Development in Indigenous Language Revitalization
530 Indigenous Research Methods
531 Researching Community-Based Initiatives in Language Revitalization
572 SKÁLs: Indigenous Epistemologies
594 Proposal and Literature Review
597 Comprehensive Examination
598 Major Project
599 Thesis