Law Courses (LAW)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100 The Constitutional Law Process
100I Transsystemic Constitutional Law
102 The Criminal Law Process
102I Transsystemic Criminal Law
104 Law, Legislation and Policy
105 Contracts
105I Transsystemic Contracts
106 The Legal Process
107 Property
107I Transsystemic Property
109 Torts
109I Transsystemic Torts
110 Legal Research and Writing
112I Transsystemic Legal Processes, Research, Writing

300-level courses
301 The Administrative Law Process
301I Transsystemic Administrative Law
302 Criminal Law II
303 Criminal Procedure
304 Criminal Law Term
305 Sentencing: Law, Theory and Practice
307B Civil Procedure with Drafting
309 The Law of Evidence
310 Restitution
311 Regulation of Financial Institutions
312 Debtor and Creditor Relations
313 Securities Regulation
314 Commercial and Consumer Law
315 Business Associations
315I Transsystemic Business Associations
316 Secured Transactions and Negotiable Instruments
317 Real Property Transactions
318 Remedies
319 Trusts
320 Wills, Estates & Succession Planning
321 Competition Law
322 Family Law
323 Refugee Law
324 Children and the Law
325 Access to Justice
326A The Individual Employment Relationship
326B Labour Law
327 Jurisprudence
328 Green Legal Theory
329 Environmental Law
330 International Law
331 International Ocean Law
332 International Trade Law
333 Social Welfare Law
337 Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice
338 Mediation and Lawyers
339 Legal Theory Workshop
340 Indigenous Lands, Rights and Governance
342 Immigration and Citizenship Law
343 Contemporary Issues in Law
343E Topics in Experiential Learning
344 Insurance Law
345 Taxation
346A Advanced Taxation: Corporations
346B Advanced Taxation: International Taxation
347 Intellectual Property
348 Managing Intellectual Property
349 Business Law Clinic
350 Clinical Term
350I Indigenous Field Study Level I
352 Exchange Law Term
353 Environmental Law Centre Clinic
354 Forest Law and Policy
355 Legal Skills
356 Advocacy
357 Sexual Orientation and the Law
358 Race, Ethnicity, Culture and the Law
359 Civil Liberties and the Charter
360 Legal Ethics and Professionalism
361 Historical Foundations of the Common Law
363 Conflict of Laws
364 Law, Governance and Development
365 Legal Mooting
366 Patent Law
367 Communications Law and Policy
368 Indigenous Feminist Legal Studies
369 Feminist Legal Theories
370 Law and Society in Southeast Asia
372 Public Policy, Law and Dispute Resolution
373 International Human Rights and Dispute Resolution
377 International Arbitration
378 Equality, Human Rights, and Social Justice Law
379 Law and Religion
380 Bioethics, Personhood and the Law
381 Animals, Culture and the Law
382 Pension Law and Policy
383 Municipal Law and Sustainability
384 Field Course in Environmental Law and Sustainability
385 Comparative Copyright Law
386A Environmental Law Centre Clinic Intensive: Legal Skills & Sustainability
386B Environmental Law Centre Clinic Intensive: Problem Solving
387 Health Law
388 Advanced Legal Research and Writing
388A Indigenous Law Research, Method and Practice
389 Appeal - Review of Current Law and Law Reform
390 Major Paper Requirement
391 Supervised Group Project
392 Water Law
393 Contaminated Sites and Environmental Remediation
394 Environmental Law and Science
395 Comparative Indigenous Rights
395I Coast Salish Legal Studies and Language
396 Nonprofit Sector Law
397 Indigenous Legal Theories
399 Supervised Research and Writing

400-level courses
450I Indigenous Field Study Level II

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
501 Graduate Seminar in Law and Society
502 Graduate Seminar in Applied Legal Methodology
590 Directed Studies in Law
598 Major Research Paper in Law
599 LLM Thesis

600-level courses
690 Directed Studies in Law
693 PhD Candidacy Examinations
699 PhD Dissertation