Linguistics Courses (LING)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100A Foundations in Linguistics I
100B Foundations in Linguistics II
110 Language and Thought
156 Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning I
157 Supporting Indigenous Language Learning
158 Indigenous Language Mentorship I
159 Indigenous Language I
177 Language Myths and Facts
180A Dynamics of Indigenous Language Shift
180B Issues, Principles and Best Practices in Language Revitalization
181 Introductory Linguistics for Language Revitalization
182 Language Learning, Language Revitalization and Social Action
183A Documentation and Recording for Indigenous Language Reclamation
183B Advanced Methods for Indigenous Language Documentation
184 Indigenous Language Materials Development
185 Indigenous Language Revitalization Practicum
186 Language in Indigenous Culture
187 Special Topics in Language Revitalization

200-level courses
200 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
203 Introduction to Morphology and Syntax
204 Developing Research Skills in Linguistics
231 Constructed Languages
256 Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning II
258 Indigenous Language Mentorship II
259 Indigenous Language II
261 Introduction to Chinese Language and Linguistics
270 The Evolution of Language
272 Introduction to Indigenous Languages of British Columbia
290 Writing: Encoding Language
295 The Social Side of English Grammar

300-level courses
301 Topics in the Structure of an Indigenous Language Family
309 Morphology
311 Syntax
312 Phonology
325 Lexical Semantics
326 Meaning in Language
338 Second Language Phonology
345 Sign Language as Language
356 Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning III
358 Indigenous Language Mentorship III
359 Indigenous Language III
361 Anthropological Linguistics
370A Psycholinguistics
370B Child Language Acquisition
370C Topics in Psycholinguistics
370D Neurolinguistics
372 Indigenous Languages of British Columbia
373 Second Language Acquisition
374 Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching
377 Global Contexts of Language
379 Language and Land
380 Acoustic and Perceptual Phonetics
381 Physiology of Speech Production
387 Task-based Second Language Instruction
388 How English Grammar Works
390 The Growth of Modern English
391 World Englishes
392 Canadian English and Dialectology
395 Language and Society
396 Sociolinguistic Issues in Japanese
397 Issues in Cross-Cultural Communication
398 Language, Gender and Sexuality

400-level courses
411 Advanced Syntactic Analysis
412 Advanced Phonological Analysis
420 Historical and Comparative Linguistics
431 Community-based Initiatives in Language Revitalization
449 Directed Readings in Linguistics
450 Seminar in Languages
456 Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning IV
458 Indigenous Language Mentorship IV
459 Indigenous Language IV
461 Linguistic Field Methods
473 Advanced Topics in Second Language Acquisition
474 Assessment and Testing for Instructional Purposes
475 Current Issues in Applied Linguistics
476 Seminar and Practicum in Applied Linguistics
486 Experimental Phonetics
495 Language Variation and Change
497 Advanced Topics in Linguistics
499 Honours Thesis

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Linguistic Field Methods
501 Linguistics for Language Revitalization
503 Introduction to Syntax
504 Current Issues in Morphology
505 Introduction to Phonology
508 Current Issues in Generative Grammar
509 Sociolinguistics
510 Current Issues in Phonology
517 Experimental Phonetics Laboratory
520 Pacific Rim Languages
527 Topics in Historical and Comparative Linguistics
531 Researching Community-Based Initiatives in Language Revitalization
570 Psycholinguistics
572 The Structure of the Lexicon
573 Second Language Acquisition Theory and Research
574 Seminar in Applied Linguistics
575 Research Methods in Applied Linguistics
576 Form-Focused Instruction and Second Language Development
577 The Global Context of Language Revitalization
578 Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning
580 Linguistics Seminar
586 Sound Structures for Applied Linguistics
590 Directed Studies
592 Labovian Variationist Sociolinguistics
595 Studies in Language and Gender
596 Cross-Cultural Communication
598 Major Research Paper
599 MA Thesis

600-level courses
601 Current Directions in Syntactic Theory
602 Current Directions in Phonological Theory
690 Directed Studies
693 Candidacy Examination
699 PhD Dissertation