Music Courses (MUS)

Undergraduate Courses

Courses that include instrumental or vocal instruction are available only to students registered in the BMus program. Instruction for these courses will be provided by the faculty of the School of Music.

BMus students who fail to maintain a course load of at least 9 units (12 in the case of performance majors) will be required to withdraw from any course in the MUS 140-440 (or 145-445) series in which they are registered.

100-level courses
101A Language of Music
101B Language of Music
105 Introduction to Composition
108 African Hand Drumming
109 Great Film Music
111 Rudiments of Music
116 Music Appreciation
121 Western Music from Antiquity to 1750
131 Introduction to Music Education
140 Individual Tuition
142 Lyric Diction
143 Individual Tuition: Secondary area
170A Basic Musicianship IA
170B Basic Musicianship IB
180A University Orchestra
180B University Wind Symphony
180C Don Wright Symphonic Winds
180D Jazz and Creative Music Ensemble
180E University Chorus
180F Chamber Singers
180G University Women's Choir
181 Chamber Music
189 Vikes Band

200-level courses
201A Language of Music
201B Language of Music
205 Music Composition I
207 Music, Science and Computers
208 Popular Music and Society I
209 Topics in Applied Music I
220A Western Music from 1750 to 1885
220B Western Music from 1885 to 1952
231 Music Education Seminar I: Foundations of Music Education
237 Music in the Elementary School Curriculum
239 Instrumental/Vocal Jazz Pedagogy
240 Individual Tuition
245 Seminar in Performance
256A Introduction to Instrumental and Choral Conducting I
256B Introduction to Instrumental and Choral Conducting II
270A Basic Musicianship IIA
270B Basic Musicianship IIB
280A University Orchestra
280B University Wind Symphony
280C Don Wright Symphonic Winds
280D Jazz and Creative Music Ensemble
280E University Chorus
280F Chamber Singers
280G University Women's Choir
281 Chamber Music
289 Vikes Band

300-level courses
301A Language of Music
301B Language of Music
305 Music Composition II
306 Sound Recording Techniques
307 Introduction to Computer Music
308 Popular Music and Society II
309 Topics in Applied Music II
316A History of Rock and Roll
316B The Beatles
317 Indigenous Peoples and Music
319 Music and Culture of Cuba
320 Topics in World Music
322 A Composer's Style and Music
323 Forms and Genres in Music
324 Music in Canada
325 The History of Jazz
328A Keyboard Literature: 1500-1820
328B Keyboard Literature: 1820 to the Present
331 Brasses
332 Woodwinds
333 Percussion
335 Singing for the Stage
336 Strings: Techniques and Mentoring
337 Music in the Middle School Curriculum
339A Instrumental Techniques for Middle and Secondary Schools
339B Choral Techniques for Middle and Secondary Schools
340 Individual Tuition
345 Seminar in Performance
348 Improvisation
350A Orchestration
350B Orchestration
351 Jazz Arranging
352 Introduction to Film Scoring and Sound Design
356A Basic Conducting
356B Basic Conducting
365 History of the Guitar
380A University Orchestra
380B University Wind Symphony
380C Don Wright Symphonic Winds
380D Jazz and Creative Music Ensemble
380E University Chorus
380F Chamber Singers
380G University Women's Choir
381 Chamber Music
389 Vikes Band
390 Special Studies
391 Cross-Cultural and Historical Topics in Music
398 Music Research I

400-level courses
401A Topics in Analysis
401B Baroque Counterpoint
401C Acoustics of Music
401D Jazz Theory
405 Music Composition III
406A Advanced Sound Recording Techniques
406B Sound Recording Seminar
407 Computer Music Seminar
411 The Business of Music
421 Selected Topics in Music History
431 Music Education Seminar II: Current Issues in Music Education
432A Kodály Level 1: Pedagogy and Music Literature
432B Kodály Level 2: Pedagogy and Music Literature
432C Kodály Level 3: Pedagogy and Music Literature
433A Kodály Level 1: Musicianship, Conducting and Ensemble
433B Kodály Level 2: Musicianship, Conducting and Ensemble
433C Kodály Level 3: Musicianship, Conducting & Ensemble
437 Music in the Secondary School Curriculum
439 Instrumental and Choral Clinic
440 Individual Tuition
445 Seminar in Performance
448 Graduating Recital
456B Topics in Conducting
462A Seminar in Performance of New Music
462B Seminar in Contemporary Composition and Performance
480A University Orchestra
480B University Wind Symphony
480C Don Wright Symphonic Winds
480D Jazz and Creative Music Ensemble
480E University Chorus
480F Chamber Singers
480G University Women's Choir
481 Chamber Music
489 Vikes Band
490 Special Studies
498 Music Research II
499 Graduating Projects in Music History

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Selected Problems in Theory and Analysis
501 Seminar in Musical Notations
502 Musical Aesthetics and the Theory of Criticism
503 Introduction to Graduate Study and Music Bibliography
504 Seminar in Performance Practices
506A Advanced Recording Techniques
506B Sound Recording Seminar
507 Computer Music Seminar
508 Musical Acoustics
510 Computational Music and Audio Analysis
511 Music Perception and Cognition
512 Music Technology Colloquium
530 Topics in Musicology Before 1750
531 Topics in Musicology After 1750
532 Comparative Topics in Musicology
533 Graduate Forum in Musicology
534 Advanced Research Forum in Musicology
540 Individual Tuition
545 Major Instrument Study
545Q Major Instrument Study
555 Individual Tuition in Composition
561 Seminar in Composition
562A Seminar in Performance of New Music
562B Seminar in Contemporary Composition and Performance
580A University Orchestra
580B University Wind Symphony
580C Don Wright Symphonic Winds
580D Jazz Ensemble
580E University Chorus
580F Chamber Singers
580G University Women's Choir
580H Pacific Opera Victoria Chorus
581 Chamber Music
588 MMus Practicum
590 Directed Studies
596 Lecture-Recital
598A MMus Practicum
598B MMus Graduating Compositions
598C MMus Project
598Q MMus Practicum
599 MA Thesis

600-level courses
689 Dissertation Proposal
690 Directed Studies
693 PhD Candidacy Examinations
699 PhD Dissertation