Pacific and Asian Studies Courses (PAAS)

Undergraduate Courses

Language Course Restriction

Students who have completed courses in a language at UVic or through transfer credit will not be granted credit for subsequent courses at a lower level in the same language.

Chinese Language Courses:

The department takes two criteria into account in considering advanced placement for students entering Chinese language courses at the University. One of these is competence in spoken Modern Standard Chinese (Mandarin); the other is ability to read and write the Chinese script.

For purposes of course placement, the department normally defines "native speakers" as those who are native speakers of any of these languages and who are also able to read at least simple materials (i.e., at the middle school level) written in the Chinese script. "Native speakers" who lack a good foundation in spoken Mandarin or whose reading ability in Chinese is not equivalent to that of a high school graduate should register in PAAS 212 or 313; others should register in PAAS 410.

Students whose ability to read and write Chinese is limited but who have some experience in spoken Mandarin, including those with high school credit in Mandarin, should consult the department about advanced placement. Students who register in Chinese language courses without such consultation may be required to transfer to different courses at the department's discretion. Note that students who have passed the provincial examination in Mandarin 12 may not register in PAAS 118 or 218.

Indonesian and Japanese Language Courses:

Courses marked * are not available to native speakers of Indonesian and Japanese. A native speaker is normally defined in this context as a person who has received sufficient instruction to be literate in the language. Students who are not native speakers, but who do have some knowledge of the language, will be placed at an appropriate level; however, such students may, at the instructor's discretion, be required to withdraw or to transfer to a higher level course should their language proficiency prove greater than was initially supposed.

100-level courses
100 Introduction to Pacific and Asian Studies
101 Text, Manipulation, Propaganda
103 Global Wars in Asia and the Pacific
118 Intensive Beginner Chinese I
120 Introduction to Indonesian-Malay I
121 Introduction to Indonesian-Malay II
138 Intensive Beginner Japanese I
150 Premodern Chinese Culture
151 Modern Chinese Culture
152 Essentials of Chinese Civilisation (in Chinese)
170 Premodern Southeast Asian Cultures
171 Modern Southeast Asian Cultures
180 Premodern Japanese Culture
181 Modern Japanese Culture

200-level courses
200 Introduction to Theories and Methods in Pacific and Asian Studies
202 Topics in Asian Cinema
204 Introduction to Asian Religions
206 Comics and Graphic Novels in Asia and the Pacific
207 Ghosts and Spirits
208 Family and Gender in the Pacific
209 Introductory Special Topics in Pacific and Asian Studies
218 Intensive Beginner Chinese II
220 Intermediate Indonesian-Malay I
221 Intermediate Indonesian-Malay II
238 Intensive Beginner Japanese II
262 Introduction to Oceania
279 Introduction to the Chinese Language and Linguistics
280 A Taste of Japan
299 Experiential Learning

300-level courses
300 Social and Economic Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region
301 Social Theory and Analysis in Pacific and Asian Area Studies
302 Literary and Cultural Theory in Pacific and Asian Languages and Literatures Studies
304 Asian Aesthetics and Poetics
305 Religions of East Asia
306 Tibetan Buddhism
307 Globalization and Religion
309 Human Rights and Cultural Expression in the Asia-Pacific Region
318 Intermediate Chinese
338 Intermediate Japanese
340 Integrative Intermediate Japanese
341 Advanced Readings in Japanese I
342 Advanced Readings in Japanese II
343 Advanced Comprehension and Conversation in Japanese
344 Advanced Composition in Japanese
345 Japanese through Popular Culture
351 Contemporary Chinese Society
353 Survey of Classical Chinese Literature
354 Masterworks of Chinese Fiction
355 Modern Chinese Literature and Society 1900-1949 (in English)
356 The Literature of the People's Republic of China 1949 to the Present in English
357 Chinese Cinema from Text to Screen
358 Screening the Nation: Nationalism, Ideology, and Politics in Chinese Cinema
363 The Buddhist Tradition I
364 Indigenous Societies and Colonial Relations in Oceania
366 Gendering India from Empire to Bollywood
367 Gandhi and the Ethics of Nonviolence
372 Southeast Asian Cinema
373 The Theatre of Indonesia
380 Japanese Economy, Politics and Culture
385 Love and Sex in Japanese Culture
386 Premodern Japanese Literature in Translation
388 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
393 Humanism in Japanese Cinema to the 1960s
394 Pre-modern Japanese Theatre
395 Intermediate Topics in Pacific and Asian Studies
397 Field School in Pacific and Asian Studies
398 Asia-Pacific Experience Research Project
399 Sociolinguistic Issues in Japanese

400-level courses
400 Advanced Research Seminar
403 Capitalist Economy and the Asia-Pacific
404 Asian Horror Cinema
406 Ideology and Cultural Conflict in the Asia-Pacific
409 Globalization, Cosmopolitanism and Asian-Pacific Cultures
410 Advanced Mandarin for Native Speakers of Chinese
411 Directed Readings in Chinese Language
412 Understanding Chinese Media
413 Effective Communication in Chinese
418 Classical Chinese Prose
420 Chinese Narrative
430 Seminar in Modern Japanese Literature
432 Directed Readings in Japanese
451 Asian Mega-Cities and Urban Regions
452 Acquisition of Chinese as an Additional Language
455 Authors in Contemporary Chinese Literature
456 Thematic Study of Contemporary Chinese Literature in Translation
457 Authors in Classical Chinese Literature
458 Themes in Classical Chinese Literature
459 Directed Readings in Chinese Linguistics
464 Topics in Studies of Australasia
484 Identity in Animated Japanese Cinema
485 Seminar in Japanese Language, Literature and Culture
486 Modern Japanese Theatre
487 Trends in Japanese Cinema, 1960 to Present
488 Japanese Fantasy
493 Seminar in Buddhism in English
494 Special Topics in Translating Asian Languages
495 Advanced Topics in Pacific and Asian Studies
496 Directed Studies in Pacific and Asian Studies
497 Special Topics in Asian Languages
499 Honours Thesis

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Theories of Pacific Region Societies
501 Cultural, Linguistic and Literary Theories in Asia-Pacific Studies
520 Special Topics in Pacific Studies
521 Special Topics in Asia-Pacific Literature, Linguistics and Culture
550 Research Methodologies
580 Advanced Readings in Japanese, Chinese or Indonesian
590 Directed Studies
599 MA Thesis