Physics Courses (PHYS)

Undergraduate Courses

Courses offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy are also found under the following course code: ASTR (Astronomy).

100-level courses
102A General Physics I
102B General Physics II
110 Introductory Physics I
111 Introductory Physics II
120 Physics I
130 Physics II

200-level courses
210 Introductory Geophysics
215 Introductory Quantum Physics
216 Introductory Electricity and Magnetism
229 Introduction to Experimental Physics
248 Computer Assisted Mathematics and Physics
280 Special Topics in Physics
290 Directed Studies

300-level courses
301 Introductory Mathematical Physics
303 Origin of Space, Time and Matter in the Universe
313 Atomic and Molecular Physics
314 Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity
317 Thermodynamics
321A Classical Mechanics I
321B Classical Mechanics II
323 Quantum Mechanics I
325 Optics
326 Electricity and Magnetism
328 Solid State Physics I
340 Atmospheric Sciences
342 Computational Modeling and Analysis

400-level courses
410 Topics in Mathematical Physics I
411 Time Series Analysis
415 General Relativity and Cosmology
421 Statistical Mechanics
422 Electromagnetic Theory
423 Quantum Mechanics II
424 Particle Physics
426 Fluid Mechanics
427 Geophysics
429A Honours Laboratory
432 Medical Physics
438 Solid State Physics II
441 Physical Oceanography
460A Colloquium I
460B Colloquium II
480 Advanced Special Topics in Physics
490 Directed Studies
499 Honours Thesis

Graduate Courses

Students should consult the department concerning the courses offered in any particular year.

500-level courses
500A Quantum Mechanics
501A Quantum Theory and Quantum Fields
501B Advanced Quantum Field Theory
502A Classical Electrodynamics
507A Solid State Physics I
509 Standard Model Phenomenology
511A Topics in Nuclear and Particle Physics I
513 Topics in Theoretical Physics
515 Data Analysis Techniques for Physics and Astronomy
521A Techniques in Nuclear and Particle Physics
522 Topics in Accelerator Physics
534 Radiotherapy Physics I
535 Radiotherapy Physics II
539 Radiation Dosimetry
540 Medical Imaging
544 Topics in Radiation Biophysics
545 Anatomy and Physiology for the Medical Physicist
546 Clinical Shadowing
550 Topics in Condensed Matter Physics
555 Advanced Computing and Machine Learning for Physics and Astronomy
560 Colloquium
561 Research Skills and Professional Development
580 Directed Studies
599 MSc Thesis

600-level courses
662 Research Seminar
693 PhD Candidacy Examination
699 PhD Dissertation