Political Science Courses (POLI)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
101 Canadian Politics
103 The Worlds of Politics

200-level courses
201 Canadian Institutions of Government
202 An Introduction to Political Theory
210 Comparative Politics
211 European Integration and the European Union
217 Global Development
233 Contemporary Political Problems
240 International Politics
263 The Politics of Indigenous Peoples

300-level courses
300A Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
300B Early Modern Political Thought
300C Post-Enlightenment Political Thought
305 Democracy and Diversity
306 Introduction to Marxism
309 Democracy and Disobedience
311 Governments and Politics in Europe
313A U.S. Politics: Parties, Elections, and Social Movements
313B U.S. Politics: Public Policy, the Constitution, and Civil Liberties
313C Indigenous Politics and the U.S. Political System
318 Government and Politics in East Asia
319 Issues in Comparative Politics
320 The Canadian Constitution
321 Introduction to Research Methods in Politics
323 Issues in Politics
327 Political Economy in the Global South
328 Gender and International Relations
329 The Political Foundations of International Law
332 Urban Politics
335 Gender and Politics
336 The Modern State
338 Approaches to Political Analysis (Seminar Course)
340 International Studies
341 The United Nations and Global Issues
343 International Organization
344 International Political Economy
345 Ethics in International Relations
346 Canadian Foreign Policy
347 Discourses of World Politics
348 International Security
349 Issues in International Politics
350 Introduction to Public Administration
351 Public Policy Analysis
357 Canadian Environmental Politics
360 Canadian Federalism and Public Policy
363 Indigenous Politics in Canada
364 Canadian Public Policy
365 British Columbia Political Economy
366 Canadian Political Economy
367 The Politics of Race in Canada
369 Issues in Canadian Politics
370 The Politics of Surveillance
371 Chinese Politics
372 Latin American Politics
373 African Politics
374 The Political Economy of Modern Chinese Cities
376 Politics of India
378 Comparative Federalism
379 Topics in Contemporary European Politics
380 Communication and Politics
381 Politics of Mass Media in Latin America
382 Politics and Religion
383 Global Indigenous Nationalisms
384 Comparative Political Thought
385 Gender, Race and Power
390 Directed Experiential Learning

400-level courses
401 Advanced Topics in Political Theory
402 Contemporary Themes in Political Thought
412 Migration, Nationalism and Identity in Asia
414 Politics in the European Union
430 Media, Technology and Politics
433 Issues in Politics
434 The Politics of Class
436 Politics of Human Rights in New Democracies
442 International Law
444 Governance in the Global Political Economy
456 The Politics of the Internet
458 Topics in Environmental Politics
462 Intergovernmental Relations in Canada
463 Violence to Indigenous Lands and Bodies
473 Advanced Topics in African Politics and Political Economy
490 Directed Reading
499 Honours Seminar and Essay

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
505 Problems of Political Analysis
507 Comparative Policy and Governance
508 Comparative Politics
509 Political Theory
514 Politics of the European Union
516 Canadian Politics
525 Politics of Global Challenges
533 Themes in Contemporary Politics
540 International Relations
580 Legislative Internship Report
590 Directed Readings
598 Major Research Paper
599 Thesis

600-level courses
600 Professional Development Seminar
605 Problems of Political Analysis
607 Comparative Policy and Governance
608 Comparative Politics
609 Political Theory
610 Theories of Public Management
614 Politics of the European Union
616 Canadian Politics
633 Themes in Contemporary Politics
640 International Relations
690 Directed Readings
693 PhD Candidacy Examinations
699 Dissertation