PSYC 325

Environmental Psychology

Units: 1.5

Hours: 3-1.5-0

Formerly: PSYC 350

Human interaction with the physical environment from a psychological perspective. Topics include environmental perception, cognition, and assessment; personality and environment; the dynamics of social space; the effects of temperature, sound, light and spatial arrangements in neighbourhoods, homes, schools and workplaces; mutual influences of individuals and the natural environment, the design of buildings, and resource management.


  • Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 325, PSYC 350.


Undergraduate course in Psychology offered by the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Summer 2020

Summer timetable available: February 15. Fall and Spring timetables available: May 15.

Before these dates the class schedule will show "No classes were found that meet your search criteria". If this message is shown after these dates, the course is not scheduled for the selected term.