Psychology Courses (PSYC)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100A Introductory Psychology I
100B Introductory Psychology II
191 Psychology in Contemporary Society
192 Introduction to Positive Psychology

200-level courses
201 Research Methods in Psychology
205 Psychology of Diversity
210 Conceptual Foundations of Psychology
231 Introduction to Social Psychology
243 Introduction to Lifespan Development
251 Introduction to Mind and Brain
260 Introduction to Mental Health and Well-Being

300-level courses
300A Statistical Methods in Psychology
300B Statistical Methods in Psychology II
317 Sensation and Perception
320 Evolutionary Psychology
325 Environmental Psychology
330 Personality
332 Health Psychology
333 Consumer Psychology
334 Organizational Psychology
335 Infant and Child Development
336 Adolescent Development
338 Behavioural Interventions with Children and Adults
339 Adult Development and Aging
341 Women and Psychology
345A Drugs and Behaviour
351A Cognitive Psychology
351B Human Neuropsychology
351C Cognitive Neuroscience
351D Biopsychology
365 Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology
366 Psychological Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
370A Psycholinguistics
370B Child Language Acquisition
370C Topics in Psycholinguistics
370D Neurolinguistics
375 Interpersonal Relationships
376 Social Psychology of Sexuality
385 Motivation, Emotion, and Well-Being
386 Cultural Psychology
390 Independent Study in Psychology
391 Special Topics in Psychology

400-level courses
400A Advanced Statistical Methods
405 Core Concepts in Psychology
425 Advanced Environmental Psychology
431B Social Cognition
431G Self-Regulation and Goals
431H Advanced Interpersonal Relationships
431I Psychology and Law
431J The Self
435A Advanced Infant and Child Development
435C Advanced Adolescent Development
435E Advanced Adult Development and Aging
442 History and Theories in Lifespan Developmental Psychology
450 Developmental Disorders and Learning Disabilities
451A Topics in Advanced Cognitive Psychology
451B Advanced Neuropsychology
451C Topics in Advanced Cognitive Neuroscience
451D Advanced Biological Psychology
460 Family Violence across the Lifespan
461 Field Placement in Psychology
462 Clinical Interventions, Prevention, and Health Promotion
463 Special Topics in Clinical Psychology
476 Advanced Psychology of Sexuality
490 Advanced Independent Study in Psychology
491 Advanced Special Topics in Psychology
492 Research Seminar in Psychology
499 Honours Thesis and Seminar

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Professional Development
501 Practicum in Applied Psychology
502 Research Apprenticeship
503 Practicum in Clinical Psychology
504 Individual Study
505 Clinical Intervention Practicum
506A Psychology Clinic Practice
506B Psychology Clinic Practice Test Mastery
507 Personality
512 Research Practicum
513 Quantitative Analysis
517 Research Methods in Psychology
518 Psychometric Methods
520 Survey of Social Psychology
521 Human Motivation
526 Special Topics in Personality and Social Psychology
527 Research Methods in Social Psychology
530 The Social Self
532 General Linear Model - Univariate
533 General Linear Model - Multivariate
534 Univariate Design and Analysis
537 Multilevel Modeling
540 History and Theory in Neuropsychology
541 Research Design and Methods in Neuropsychology
543 Behavioural Neuroanatomy
545 Neuropsychological Assessment
546A Advanced Neuropsychology: Children and Adolescents
546B Advanced Neuropsychology: Adults
547 Neuropsychological Intervention in Adults
548 Special Topics in Neuropsychology
549 Neuropsychological Intervention in Children and Adolescents
555A Environmental Psychology of the Built Environment
555B The Psychology of Nature, Sustainability, and Climate Change
560 Research Methods in Lifespan Psychology
561 History and Theories in Lifespan Psychology
562 Infancy and Childhood
563 Adult Development and Aging
564 Advanced Analysis of Change and Variation
565 Cognitive Development in Adulthood and Aging
567 Dysfunctional Development in Adulthood and Aging
568 Adolescence
569 Special Topics in Lifespan Development
570 Psycholinguistics
574A Cognitive Methods: Electroencephalography and Event-related Brain Potentials
574B Cognitive Methods: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
574C Cognitive Methods: Computational Modelling
576A Cognitive Processes: Human Memory
576D Cognitive Processes: Cognitive Control
576E Cognitive Processes: Visual Perception
577 Cognitive Seminar
578 Research Methods in Clinical Psychology
581 Psychopathology: Childhood and Adolescence
582 Psychopathology: Adulthood
583 Professional and Ethical Issues in Clinical Psychology
584 Clinical Assessment: Cognitive Functioning
585 Clinical Assessment: Psychosocial Functioning
586A Advanced Clinical Assessment
586B Practice in Advanced Clinical Assessment
588 Child and Adolescent Therapy
589 Introduction to Evidence-Based Adult Psychotherapies
590 Practical Issues and Challenges in Adult Psychotherapy
591 Special Topics in Clinical Psychology
593 Family Interventions
594 Special Topics in Clinical Intervention
595 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
596 Interpersonal Therapies
597 Clinical Psychology Colloquium
599 Thesis

600-level courses
602 Independent Research
603 Advanced Clinical Practicum
604 Individual Study
605 Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology
606 Clinical Internship
612 Advanced Research Practicum
693 PhD Candidacy Examinations
699 PhD Dissertation