Software Engineering Courses (SENG)

Undergraduate Courses

Some Faculty of Engineering courses are only open to students in the faculty or in specific programs. Courses and applicable restrictions are listed at

Courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering are also found under the following course codes: BME (Biomedical Engineering), CIVE (Civil Engineering), CSC (Computer Science), ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering), ENGR (Engineering) and MECH (Mechanical Engineering).

200-level courses
265 Software Development Methods
275 Software Testing

300-level courses
310 Human Computer Interaction
321 Requirements Engineering
330 Object-Oriented Software Development
350 Software Architecture and Design
360 Security Engineering
371 Software Evolution

400-level courses
401 Social and Professional Issues
411 Advanced Methods for Human Computer Interaction
421 Global Software Engineering
422 Advanced Software Architecture
426 Software Quality Engineering
435 Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
440 Embedded Systems
460 Practice of Information Security and Privacy
461 Network Security
468 Software System Scalability
474 Data Mining
475 Advanced Programming Techniques for Robust Efficient Computing
480A Topics in Software Engineering
480B Topics in Software Engineering
480C Topics in Software Engineering
480D Topics in Software Engineering
490 Directed Studies
498 Honours Thesis
499 Design Project II