Slavic Studies Courses (SLST)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100 Introduction to Russian Society and Culture
101 Beginning Russian I
102 Beginning Russian II
111 Beginning Ukrainian I
112 Beginning Ukrainian II
160 The Culture of the Russian Revolution
180 Magic and the Fairy Tale World

200-level courses
201 Intermediate Russian I
202 Intermediate Russian II
203 Pronunciation and Colloquial Russian
210 Special Topics

300-level courses
300 Slavic Cultural Studies
301 Advanced Russian
303 Russian Popular Culture (in Russian)
345 The Eastern Front in the First and Second World Wars
360 Major Figures of Russian Culture and History
361 Imperial Russia, 1689-1917
362 The Soviet Union and Its Successor States, 1917-2000
363 Modern Ukraine and Russian-Ukrainian Conflict
364 Eastern Europe Through Western Eyes
365 Stalinism

400-level courses
401 Advanced Russian Practice
403 Topics in Russian Culture, Literature, Film (in Russian)
410 Special Topics
450 Cold War on Film
451 Stalinist Cinema
452 Fantasy and Science Fiction in Russia
460 History and Memory in Eastern European Cultures
461 Putin's Russia
480 Tolstoy and the Age of Anna Karenina
481 Existence and Anxiety in Dostoevsky
482 Twentieth-Century Genocides in Eastern Europe
490 Directed Studies
499 Honours Thesis

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
501 Introduction to the Disciplines of Germanic and Slavic Studies
502 Theory and Practice
503 Teaching in the Disciplines of Germanic and Slavic Studies
505 Advanced Russian Language Study
509 Special Topics Field School
511 Studies in Film
521 Studies in Russian Literature and Culture
522 Studies in Ukrainian Literature and Culture
531 Studies in Slavic Cultural History
560 Slavic-Canadian Studies
565 Seminar on Bakhtin
570 Studies in New Media in Second Language Acquisition
581 Twentieth-Century Genocides in Eastern Europe
590 Directed Studies in Slavic Studies I
591 Directed Studies in Slavic Studies II
599 Thesis