Social Work Courses (SOCW)

Undergraduate Courses

All 300- and 400-level Social Work courses are only open to Social Work students unless otherwise noted in the course description. When a course is oversubscribed, preference will be given to Social Work students who are closest to graduation. Contact the School of Social Work or refer to current timetable for course offerings.

200-level courses
200A An Introduction to Social Work Practice
200B Introduction to the Critical Analysis of Social Welfare in Canada

300-level courses
304 Social Work Practicum I
304A Social Work Practicum by Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)
311 Understanding Oppression
312 Collaborative Conversations: Working within Communities
319 Research for Social Change
350A Social Work, Social Justice and the Law
350B Legal and Social Justice Skills for Social Workers
354 Indigenous Perspectives on Practice Issues
356 Human Development and the Social Environment in a Global Context
390 Directed Studies
391 Indigenous Approaches to Healing and Helping

400-level courses
400 Introduction to Social Work in the Health Care Sector
402 Social Work Practicum II
404 Child Welfare Specialization Child Protection Practicum
404A Child Welfare Specialization Child Welfare Practicum
413 Critical Social Work Practices
433 Working with Trauma
435 Critical Perspectives in Mental Health Practice
451 Indigenous Policy Analysis in Social Work
452 Teaching and Learning for Social Change
460 Special Topics in Social Work and Social Welfare
465 Interdisciplinary Practice with Children and Families
469 Re-defining Abilities in the Context of Theory and Practice
471 Addictions in Society: Theory, Practice and Policy
475 Child Welfare Practice
476 Family and Child Welfare Policy
490 Directed Studies
491 Integration of Indigenous Approaches to Healing and Helping
492 Protecting Indigenous Children

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
505 Advanced Child Welfare Seminar
506 Advanced Practicum
506A MSWI Practicum
510 Policy Context of Practice
511 Contemporary Debates and Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work
512 Knowledge and Inquiry: Re-Theorizing Social Work
515 Transnational Social Work
516 Research Methodologies
517 Research Seminar
519 Indigenous Resistance, Resurgence And Revitalization For Helpers
521 Indigenous Perspectives on Knowledge and Research
523 Self-Conscious Traditionalism in Indigenous Social Work Practice Seminar
526 Seminar in Health Policy and Practice in Indigenous Communities
531 Critical Exploration of Leadership Roles for Social Workers in Health Care
532 Introduction to Social Work in the Health Care Sector
533 Working with Trauma
537 Environmental Justice and Social Work
540 Foundation Practicum
542 Anti-Racist Practice
543 Theorizing Social Difference
544 Social Work, the State and Citizenship
545 Networks and Communities
547 Historicizing Social Work
549 Research Foundations
550 Social Justice, Social Work and the Law
551 Indigenous Social Work Foundations
554 Indigenous Policy And Practice
571 MSW Capstone
580 Special Topics in Social Work and Social Welfare
590 Directed Studies
596 Team Graduating Research Project/Report
598 Individual Graduating Research Project/Report
599 Thesis