Writing Courses (WRIT)

Undergraduate Courses

100-level courses
100 Introduction to Writing
102 Introduction to Professional Nonfiction
109 The Writer's World in Books and Film
120 Writing for the Arts
140 Elements of Style in Creative Writing

200-level courses
201A Introduction to Poetry Workshop
201B Poetry Workshop
202A Introduction to Fiction Workshop
202B Fiction Workshop
203A Introduction to Playwriting Workshop
203B Playwriting Workshop
204A Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Workshop
204B Creative Nonfiction Workshop
215 Journalism
218A Introduction to Screenwriting Workshop
218B Screenwriting Workshop

300-level courses
300 Narrative and Mythic Structure in Film Writing
302 Special Study in Craft
303 Poetry Workshop
304 Fiction Workshop
305 Playwriting Workshop
306 Digital Publishing
307 Basic Forms and Techniques in Poetry
308 Non-Traditional and Experimental Forms and Techniques in Poetry
309 Basic Forms and Techniques in Short Fiction
310 Basic Forms and Techniques in the Novel
311 Structure in Stage Drama
312 Structure in Cinema and Television Drama
313 Recurrent Themes
314 Changing Perspectives
315 Advanced Journalism
316 Creative Nonfiction Workshop
318 Screenwriting Workshop
319 Studies in the Graphic Novel
320 Writing and Film Production Workshop
321 Issues in Journalism
322 Magazine Publishing
323 Writing for TV
324 Writing Interactive Narrative
325 Writing for Theatrical Production Workshop
326 Media Production for Writers
328 Humour Writing
329 International Film Writing
330 Media and Culture
331 A Study of Narrative
335 Forms and Techniques in Short Creative Nonfiction
336 Forms and Techniques in Long Creative Nonfiction
340 Revision and Editing
350 The Theory and Practice of Literary Creation
353 Writing a Sense of Place
390 Directed Studies in Writing
391 Directed Studies in Writing

400-level courses
400 Special Genres Workshop
401 Advanced Poetry Workshop
402 Advanced Fiction Workshop
403 Advanced Playwriting Workshop
405 Multi-Genre Workshop
406 Writing for Children and Young Adults
410 Special Genres Lecture
412 Recurrent Themes in Film
415 Literary Adaptation
416 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop
417 Publishing Principles
418 Advanced Screenwriting Workshop
420 Film Writing and Production
440 The Writing Business
490 Directed Studies in Writing
491 Directed Studies in Writing

Graduate Courses

500-level courses
500 Graduate Writing Workshop
501 Special Topics in Advanced Studies in Writing
509 Instructional Skill Preparation
590 Directed Studies in Instructional Skills Preparation
591 Directed Studies in Writing
598 Major Writing Portfolio