Students who are on academic probation, or whose standing is withheld in their most recent session because of deferred status, are not eligible for registration until their sessional grade point average for the latest/deferred session has been determined as satisfactory, except as noted below. If a student's projected sessional grade point average for the latest/deferred session, including a grade of 0 for all deferred courses or outstanding grades, was determined to be above the minimum by the faculty concerned, the student will be authorized to register. The projected grade point average is calculated at the end of the session when the deferred standing is assigned. The projected grade point average does not appear on a student's academic record. Depending upon a student's performance during the period of probation, the Dean may at any time either remove the student from probation for the remainder of the session or, acting on a decision of the faculty, require that the student withdraw from the University. See Withdrawal.
Students who have grounds for appeal as noted under Appealing Admission/Reregistration Decisions, may appeal to the Senate Committee on Admission, Reregistration, and Transfer, stating why they should be considered for reregistration.