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Hot Potatoes: Half-Baked Software Performance

Half-Baked Software was incorporated July 1, 1999. In just over two years since then, we have:

  • Developed and improved Hot Potatoes
  • Developed and sold a range of user-licences based on number of authors and size of publication run.
  • Developed and sold a CD containing add-on programs.
  • Developed and sold Quandary - an authoring program for making action mazes or decision trees.
  • Negotiated reseller and distributor agreements internationally.
  • Created modified source files for a number of customers.
  • Created web sites using Hot Potatoes.
  • Created other leading-edge web-based pieces of technology.
  • Bought equipment and other supplies for the University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Center.
  • Paid for Stewart and Martin to travel to Europe for the EuroCALL 2001 presentation.
  • More than reimbursed the University's initial capital investment through royalty payments alone.
  • Expanded the number of registered users from under 10,000 to over 45,000 in over 140 countries, with a larger proportion of those coming from Europe and Asia.

Quantitatively: CDN$ (approximate US$)

Item July 1 1999 July 1 2000 July 1 2001
HBS net worth 0
HBS annual net income n/a
Annual gross income to UVic n/a
Annual gross income to each principal n/a