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Hot Potatoes: Timeline
Year Event
1998 (version 2) - Release to public
- Present at EuroCALL98
1999 (version 3) - Add JMatch
- Improve ability to insert audio and graphic material
- Release JBCMail on CD to allow reporting of results from JBC pages
1999 - Incorporate Half-Baked Software to set terms of use
2000 (version 4) - Add drag-and-drop to JMix and JMatch using DHTML
- Make source and data (XML) files shareable between macs and pcs
- Remove limits on number of questions, answer per question, alternates etc.
- Include Export to WebCT and Export to Text options
2001 (version 5) - Output for most exercises one-page instead of three-page
- Allow results to be emailed to instructor from all potatoes
- Allow interface of potatoes to be translated
- Show questions one at a time or all at once
- Show random subset of the questions each time page is loaded
2002 (version 6) - Support Unicode encoded pages
- Include stylesheet editor to configure presentation
- Provide web-based hosting, tracking and reporting service