Instructions for Listening Exercises

The listening exercises in this section are designed to help you associate sounds with written Arabic, rather than thinking of the Arabic text in terms of latin transcriptions. You will hear a sound files of an Arabic word, and then you will have to choose the matching Arabic word from a range of options. The more of these exercises you do, the more quickly and easily you will be able to read and recognise Arabic words. Each exercise is designed to shuffle its sequence of questions and answers so that it will be different each time you load it, so you can do the same exercise several times for extra practice.

The listening exercises are based on MP3 files of single words pronounced by a native Arabic speaker. In order to listen to the sound files, these are the basic requirements:

If Flash is installed, you should see a little player control which you can use to play the file. If your browser cannot embed the player, you should see a link labelled "Listen"; clicking on the link should open the mp3 file in whatever audio player is configured to play mp3s on your system.