5.2: Vocabulary - Locations

car-wb (2K) 'ula'ulh There is no one on the car. smoke-house-vb (3K) s'a'kw'us* Hanging fish.
under (3K) si'q The hat is underneath the chair. chemainus-vb (2K) stutes I live near Chemainus.
restaurant-wb (3K) sts'uts'e' There is no food on the table. in-vb (2K) sun'iw' What is in the box?

Note:   You are "on board" a vehicle, 'ula'ulh, not "in" it in Hul'q'umi'num'. In standard Canadian English, you are in a car and in a canoe, but on a ship. Most First Nations speakers of English in this region use on in all three cases. We use on in the English translation of 'ula'ulh throughout these Lessons as a reminder not to use sun'iw' when vehicles are involved.

*Note:   The Cowichan Tribes write s-a'kw'us. However, we will spell this word s'a'kw'us throughout these lessons.