Spring 2008 No. 162

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Cover of issue 162


  • Anne Fleming, Puke Diary
  • Joel Katelnikoff, Wyakin 300k
  • Chris Kent, Scurvy
  • D.W. Wilson, The Elasticity of Bone
  • Maleea Acker, "The Almond in the Earth"
  • John Wall Barger, "Pain-Proof Men" and "Haligonians at Coney Island".
  • Linda Besner, "Umbrella"
  • Molly Brodak,"Snow White"
  • Heather Cadsby, "Recursus"
  • Lynn Davies, "On My Knees at the Strawberry U-Pick"
  • Kathy Mac, "Paige Newton" and "Cutter Ants"
  • Paddy McCallum, "Poetry & Abstract Thought" and "Mastery"
  • Jenna Schmitt, "After Anther Place by Anthony Gormley" and "After an Unfinished Poem by Anna Akhmatova"
  • Ann Scowcroft, "Ahara (nutrient)"
  • Anne Simpson, "Aslant"
  • Regan Taylor, "Steam" and "Elk City, Oklahoma"
  • Christine Wiesenthal, "Jellyfish Aquarium"
  • Patricia Young, "Iceman" and "Dildo"
  • Poetry
  • Daryl Hine, Recollected Poems Fitzhenry & Whiteside). Paperbound, 212 pp, $19. (Reviewed by V. M. Vaughan)
  • Elizabeth Philips, Torch River (London: Brick, 2007). Paperbound, 128 pp, $19. (Reviewed by Candace Fertile)
  • Rob Winger, Muybridge’s Horse (Gibsons Landing: Nightwood, 2007). Paperbound, 197 pp. $16.95. (Reviewed by Robert Lecker)
  • Adam Dickinson, Kingdom, Phylum (London: Brick, 2006). Paperbound, 80 pp., $18. (Reviewed by Daniel Morley Johnson)

  • Fiction
  • Claire Mulligan, The Reckoning of Boston Jim (Edmonton: Brindle & Glass, 2007). Paperbound, 310 pp., $24.95. (Reviewed by Rita Donovan)

  • Drama
  • Daniel MacIvor, I Still Love You: Five Plays (Toronto): Playwrights Canada, 2006). Paperbound, XX pp, $29
  • George Elliott Clarke, Trudeau: Long March, Shining Path (Kentville: Gaspereau, 2007). Paperbound, 123 pp, $21.95. (Reviewed by Jay Ruzesky)

  • Non-Fiction
  • Yehuda Koren and Eilat Negev, Lover of Unreason: Assia Wevill, Sylvia Plath's Rival and Ted Hughes' Doomed Love (New York: Caroll and Graf, 2007). Hardcover, 280 pp. $34.95. (Reviewed by Doug Beardsley)
Cover Art:
  • Eric Metcalfe, Held Over (1969). Stencil on paper, 28 cm x 34 cm, Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, University of Victoria.