No. 216 Fall 2021

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Issue 216 cover art by Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun Lets'lo:tseltun


Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction

  • Ben Lof, "Naked States"
  • Y. S. Lee, "Dyad"
  • Laurie D. Graham, "Calling It Back to Me"
  • Carlee Bouillon, "A Brief Etymology of Dallas Road," "A Chronology of Driftwood," and "An Inventory of Sound on the Beach by Ross Bay Cemetery"
  • Yuan Changming, "Yin/Yang vs. Water/Fire: Lesson One in Chinese Characters," "Getting Along: A Bilinguacultural Poem," and "Chinglish: A Brief History of Chinese in English"
  • Lise Gaston, "Pipeline Gear" and "Diagnosis"
  • Sebastien Wen, "Pangur Bán" and "Achilles"
  • Ronna Bloom, "An Excruciating Blue Day"
  • Steve McOrmond, "Lock Screen"
  • Allison LaSorda, "Blind Spot," "MapQuest," "Dorian," and "Box Oxer"
  • Nat Robinson, "In a White Bowl," "The Deer Butcher," and "I've got powers now, Davis Butler"
  • Danielle Hubbard, "Sketch of Neal Barker," "After the affair," "A certain summer," and "The retrospective"
  • Cathleen With, "Doin it for Oshi"
  • Elisabeth Gill, "Oberon"
  • Rozina Jessa, "There Is No Deity, Except (Lies)"
  • Lauren Kirshner, "Patsy Cline's Boots" and "Cindy Rain"
  • Sue J. Levon, "Teacher of the Year," "The Rich Don't Tip Very Well," "Maybe It's Not Such a Bad Thing," and "Garbage Chute"
  • Jenny Ferguson, "Hunting for Wolf"
  • Sara Mang, "Pangaea Fragmented"
  • Cassidy McFadzean, "Ghost Balcony"
Creative Nonfiction
  • Caitlyn Ng Man Chuen, "A Thousand Little Deaths"
  • Poetry

  • Evelyn Lau, Pineapple Express
    (Vancouver: Anvil, 2020)
    (Reviewed by Zachery Cooper)


  • Francesca Ekwuyasi, Butter Honey Pig Bread
    (Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp, 2020)
    (Reviewed by Micaela Maftei)

    Shani Mootoo, Polar Vortex
    (Toronto: Book*hug, 2020)
    (Reviewed by Deborah Torkko)

    Gillian Wigmore, Night Watch: The Vet Suite
    (Picton: Invisible Publishing, 2021)
    (Reviewed by Marisa Grizenko)


  • M. A. C. Farrant, One Good Thing: A Living Memoir
    (Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2021)
    (Reviewed by Christina Mansueti)
  • Kaija Pepper, Falling Into Flight: A Memoir of Life and Dance
    (Winnipeg: Signature Editions, 2020)
    (Reviewed by Stacey Engels)
  • Mentionables

  • Hiromi Goto (author) and Ann Xu (illustrator), Shadow Life
    (New York: First Second Books, 2021)

    Sharon Kirsch, The Smallest Objective
    (Vancouver: New Star, 2020)

    Sharon McCartney, Villa Negativa: A Memoir in Verse
    (Windsor: Biblioasis, 2021)

    Jane Munro, Glass Float
    (London: Brick, 2020)

    Susan Olding, Big Reader
    (Calgary: Freehand, 2021)

    Dominique Béchard, One Dog Town
    (Kentville: Gaspereau, 2019)

    (All reviewed by Book Reviews Editor Jay Ruzesky)

  • Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun Lets'lo:tseltun, Portrait of a Residential School Child, 2005
    Acrylic on canvas
  • 162.5 cm x 133 cm
  • Private Collection
  • Image courtesy of the artist and Macaulay & Co. Fine Art
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