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Pre-existing Forwarding can still be removed via the below form
UVic E-Mail Forwarding: Identification

This page is only for changing the forwarding for your NetLink email address. For e-mail addresses on other systems, you will have to use the facilities of those systems to enable/modify/disable e-mail forwarding. For example, to change Alumni email forwarding please go to the alumni web site

E-mail which is sent to a NetLink e-mail address can be re-directed to another valid e-mail address, either NetLink or non-NetLink, at UVic or elsewhere.

Note: To set up a vacation message, use the vacation form

Please enter your Netlink-ID and E-Mail Password so we know whose e-mail forwarding to change. The password you must supply is your E-Mail Password which may be different from your NetLink Password.

E-Mail Password:


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