Welcome to Craigflower Connections!

This website details the lives of five ordinary people living in and around what is now Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in the 1850s and 1860s. All of these people were somehow connected to Craigflower Farm, an operation run by the Puget Sound Agricultural Company, which was a subsidiary of the famed Hudson's Bay Company. Each person represents, through a microhistorical lens, a theme or institution which we consider key to understanding the processes by which the British Empire was built.

How to Navigate
Craigflower Connections uses an 'image map' navigation system. By clicking on the •Explore the Farm• button, which will remain at the top of the screen, you will open a window which shows a portrait of our five subjects superimposed on a painting of Craigflower Farm. Simply click on the image of the person whose life you wish to find out more about, then close the map. The pages are also accessible through the navigation bar at the bottom of the window.

About the Authors
This site is a project of History 481: Microhistory and the Internet at the University of Victoria, as an exercise in developing local Victoria history on the internet. It was developed by Taryn Jones, Scott Murray, and Dan Baart.

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