Gonzales Ave.

Shaping Nature:
The Pemberton Family's Construction of Victoria's Landscape

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The Pemberton Family

A Brief History of the Pemberton Family:
Frederick Bernard Pemberton

Frederick Bernard was the elder of J.D. Pemberton's two sons.  He and his father went into business together when, in 1887, they formed Pemberton & Son, a company which specialized not only in surveying and engineering, but also real estate and financial assistance.  The company survives today and is currently known as Pemberton Holmes Realty.
Frederick Bernard and his family lived at Mount Joy, a large property in Oak Bay adjacent to Foul Bay Road.  The modern day Gonzales Ave. was once the dirt road that connected Mount Joy to the house at Gonzales.  Frederick Pemberton was a keen botanist and the gardens at Mt. Joy were considered some of the most splendid in Canada.

Frederick Bernard Pemberton is survived by his grandson, Pip Holmes.

Gonzales Ave. Today
Gonzales Ave. today, as it slopes down
toward the Mount Joy area.